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world population day

The population as we all are aware is the number of people who live in a particular city, country, or area. Every minute around 250 babies are born worldwide. In about a hundred thousand years the world population reached one billion, after that, it increased sevenfold in just about 200 years. By 2011 the world population had crossed the 7 billion barrier, and today it stands at the 7.7 billion mark. It is anticipated to increase and reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion by 2050, and 10.9 billion by 2100.

Highest Populated

Currently, China is the country leading the world with the highest population followed by India. There are predictions that by 2050 India will be the leading country. However, in a few European countries, Russia and Japan the population growth has stalled or gone into reverse.

The History

The United Nations started observing 11 July as World Population Day from 1989 because it was on this day in 1987 that The World Population reached the 5 billion mark.

Observing this day aims to increase people’s awareness of various population issues such as the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health, and human rights. This year the theme for the day is “Rights and Choices are the Answer: Whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rates lies in prioritizing all people’s reproductive health and rights.” 

Population and Country

The size of the population impacts the development and operations of a nation. Increasing population size decreases the countries development rate. The current scenario of the pandemic is showing how the increased population size in a country of limited area, like India, is creating problems to maintain social distancing. The government and the authorities have to make daily new endeavors to keep people from flocking on roads, malls, metro stations, markets, and various other public places. 

Population and Ecosystem

Overpopulation has a terrible effect on the ecosystem as well. The world has limited non-renewable resources which will not be sufficient for the increasing population. The current generation needs to understand these facts and act wisely in using the resources or they would be leaving their coming generations in difficult survival times.

Reasons For Population Explosion

  1. More number of individuals reaching reproductive age
  2. Changes in fertility rates
  3. Increased urbanization
  4. Accelerated Migration
  5. Increase in Life Expectancy

Overcoming This Boom

  1. Family planning
  2. Education girl child so she can decide when and how many children to have.
  3. Keeping healthy and fit till at a later age so the older population is also productive for the country.
  4. Employing the present younger generation so that there are maximum productive hands available to the nation.

World As One

This problem of overpopulation is not just a country’s problem but a global issue. The world needs to unite to resolve the matter so that the future of the coming generations worldwide is safe and secure. The governments of various countries make policies keeping both the current and the future scenarios in mind. It is in the hands of the general public to abide by them for their betterment.

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