Reimagine – Recreate – Restore: World Environment Day 2021

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05 Jun is observed ‘World Environment Day’ so that we understand Mother Nature and so not take our environment for granted. Today the world is walking on a thin line separating disaster and survival. If we do not understand the significance of the environment around us, soon the changes will become irreversible. Hence the slogan of 2021 ‘Reimagine – Recreate – Restore’. We need to Reimagine how nature was, Recreate soothing beds for their nurture, and Restore the damages before they become irreversible. 

What we did to Environment

Humans caused the elimination of species, disrupted various natural processes, broke the eco-system chain, created flux in the ecological web and also hurt own self. Without understanding that restoration of nature may take many years, we should start now. The impact we have created may not reset the environment completely. However, can bring some balance for a better environment for future generations. 

Why Restore

Degradation of the ecosystem has caused species to go extinct, plants to die forever and earth to parch itself. Restoration simply means assisting the recovery of the ecosystem. It involves conserving whatever is still intact, recreate which vanished and hence rebuild it. 

Healthier ecosystems can change the future of the human race. It can make the soil more fertile, get better crop yields, spread health and happiness

We can restore the various ecosystems. These include forests, agriculture fields, water bodies, cities, and the atmosphere enveloping the earth. Hence we all can contribute towards restoration in one way or the other. 

What can you do 

We all can contribute towards getting the balance back in some way or the other. Let us list out a few and make a promise that we will do as much as we can.

  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  2. Plant more trees
  3. Rainwater harvesting
  4. No to plastic
  5. Restoring lakes, ponds, and other water bodies
  6. Do not waste food and water
  7. Ensure recycling of waste products as much as possible
  8. Ensure good health for the complete society
  9. Maintain a clean and healthy environment around us

We must teach our younger generation the benefits of a healthy ecosystem very early in their lives. That probably can be our biggest contribution towards restoration. Once the idea of restoration embeds among the young, the destruction will reduce, the restoration will increase and thus good and healthy environment can be recreated. 

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