Winning over negative emotions

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Winning over negativity

We keep hearing the slogans ‘Think Positive’ and ‘Don’t be Negative’. But then how one defines these in our daily actions? Do we have ‘Negative and Positive’ feelings part of our daily life? What do I have to lose if I have negative feelings about something? Do these energies as we talk got to do anything with actual energy? There are endless questions. However, we can simply start by understanding what ‘Negative’ energy is; how it impacts our life; how we can get rid of it; what are the benefits of ‘Positive’ energy.

Defining ‘Negative and Positive’ energy

Negative energy can be defined as a feeling inside your brain that makes you feel worried, sad, angry, unhappy, uncomfortable, unsatisfied, tired, helpless, unfortunate, victim, unlucky, cursed, miserable, etc. The list is long but I am sure these words are enough to define ‘Negativity’. Well! ‘Positivity’ is the opposite of it. 

There have been arguments that one can be angry about something wrong or upset about the outcome of hard work. Do these emotions also come under the category of ‘Negative’? To clear that, one has to understand that at the onset an emotion from the outcome of your actions does not define it. What comes after the first reaction is what makes you a positive or negative person. 

Negativity can drain you out

Negativity blocks your potential and does not allow you to live to your expectations. But deep inside you recognize your potential. So the feeling of not living as you could have multiplies the negative energies within you. This starts to affect your health, social life, and happiness. One has to understand that a person does everything to stay happy. However, if your emotions are feeding the negative energies, you can never be happy. Yes, we accept that negative and positive energies co-exist in our lives. However, it is up to us how to handle them and how to nurture the right energy.

Become a positive person

We can eliminate negative energies from our lives and become positive people. The most important act in the journey to make a conscious decision that you want to become a positive person. Once you decide, you have to follow it up with deliberate actions. Remember that one negative feeling can edge out all positive experiences making it a snowball effect. Hence it is important to focus and remain positive in all situations and not selectively.

Actions required

1. Be grateful for what you have in life. Stop comparing your actions with others. Remember to focus only on your actions.

2. Bad news doesn’t last forever. Keep telling yourself this if you get one. A major emotion that pulls a lot of negativity is when we get bad news and start to think about its effect in the future. This aspect has been well researched and people who take bad news as just one small part of life are always happier.

3. Somehow, helping others releases certain chemicals in our brain which makes us feel happy from inside. That feeling automatically generates positivity. It has been found that a ‘Thankyou’ from a person whom you helped without any personal gain has immense strength to overcome many negative things happening in your life for several hours and even up to days.

4. The outcome of an action whether your or someone else may have brought in negative feeling about time about to come in your life. But that outcome is just out of one-act. Remember we perform many actions in a day. Hence learn to see an event like that as part of a bigger game plan. If you start thinking about it in isolation, the problem seems to be bigger than it is!

5. Look for the company of positive people. Positivity and negativity both are contagious. Hence if you try and be around positive people, it will surely affect the way you process your thought.

6. Despite effort and actions, if one still feels negative about a situation or day, accept this fact. By accepting this, you will come to know what is causing it and then you can try to eliminate it. If you know the day is going bad, only then you can try to improve it!

7. Reduce disappointments in life. One way of doing it is to set goals that are reasonable to achieve. Always divide your final destination into smaller journeys. Thus achieving smaller goals to achieve the major one will boost positivity.

8. Show your achievements. If you have worked hard for something and felt proud about it, then do display it. However, remember that there are people around you with negative energies who will demean your work or achievement. Use that energy too into positive energy within you. Convert your problems into challenges and not sad emotions.

9. Detox from negative energies around you. We hear so many bad and sad events happening around us. We are not saying that you avoid knowing what’s happening in the world. However, try to reduce the negative news which just brings out a negative feeling in general and has no contribution in enhancing your knowledge of the surroundings. 

And finally, the good news

The best part is that if one just realizes that his or her thinking is negative and needs to improve, the positive energy starts flowing immediately. Hence just making a resolution to change and reset your answers resets your life. Soon you will feel the difference in health, fulfillment, and happiness. Hence stop blaming the world and take responsibility for your action. Deliberately change your emotions and ensure that you choose an outcome that makes you happy.

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