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When we type using a keyboard it is known that we use fine motor skills but in a limited way than when we write with our hand using a pen. Using a pen gives a more sensory experience than typing on keyboard, since we are crafting each letter by hand, it requires more dexterity.

Handwriting is a complex combination of motor skills, touch sensation, and visual perception which actually reinfoerces the natural learning process, hence it has an interesting impact on our brain.
It has been found in researches that reading hand written text stimulates and activates different parts of brain than reading typed text.
Our Memory of handwritten words is tied to the movement we make while writing each letter. This perhaps help the brain to remember what we have written longer. While typing on the keyboard activates fewer areas of the brains we tend to forget what we have written sooner.

Few Simple things to do :

1.Make a list using a pen and paper of all your chores on daily/weekly/monthly basis.
2. Make a list of birthday’s and anniversary’s of all your family and friends.
3. Make a list of the due dates of your water, electricity, credit card bills.
4. Pen down your appointments for the day.
5. Make a list of all the medicines you need to buy for self and for family.

Take these simple steps and observe if the use of paper and pen on daily basis has helped you boost your memory.

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