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It used to be a belief among virologists that if a virus is more contagious, it is less life threatening. But Corona virus has changed everything. With every mutation it is going through, the new variant is throwing new challenges and is making things more difficult.
The latest is Sri-Lankan mutation. As we all know by now that Corona is a RNA which enters our cells mainly lungs and then replicates very fast, This leads to cell death inside lungs leading to less cells available for gas exchange. Thus our oxygen level falls and insufficient oxygen is available to our organ systems. As it replicates further, more edema get accumulated in lungs leading to further depletion of oxygen in our blood. Finally the organ systems start to fail.
In case of Sri Lankan strain, it has a capability to stay airborne for up to 60 minutes. It is more infectious because of time spent in air and the size. Those who have been vaccinated or had the disease earlier are too falling sick or becoming silent carriers. In closed places where the air is in circulation, this mutant has proved to be so dangerous that even people taking all precautions are getting trapped. The island country has already seen two waves and is now expecting a third wave.
We need to remember that this strain can only be avoided by
. Avoiding unnecessary travel and reducing interaction rate.
. The social distancing needs to be further increased to maybe two meters or beyond.
. Closed areas need to be avoided.
. Frequent fumigation and disinfectant spraying may help reduce the suspension time.
This virus is becoming smarter and is trying to defeat all our developments. The only way to reduce the spread and win over it is by avoiding all unnecessary travel and staying at home.

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