Why finding your purpose in life is important?

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purpose in life

I need to tell you about life, in general, to explain to you, ‘Why finding your purpose in life is important. There are various common features in the life of people around us. Hence taking clues from around us can help us solve and build our own life better.


While trying to look for a good professional line during my studies, I had many choices. I choose something good and found myself to be successful in gaining good grounds early in life. Got a degree from a reputed university, later a well-paid job. Started a family and lived in a comfortable best way although with struggles which are common in today’s world both at professional and personal levels. 

But the truth is, I was going through the motion without a clear purpose. I sure had goals. But those goals appeared borrowed. It appeared as if life is missing something important. But the borrowed dreams were of family and friends. Soon the excitement about work and progress was not enough to bring internal happiness and satisfaction. The feeling of being unmotivated and uninspired mounted to the extent that depression and an unknown sadness took place of zeal and happiness. 

Motivation and Inspiration

The feeling of motivation and inspiration if is missing in your life and if you feel that you are also going through a motion, it is time to wake up your true self. Question yourself, “What is your purpose?”

If we actually notice the concept of purpose, we all have a general-purpose and a specific purpose. For example, you can have a general-purpose in life to live at peace. Many a time these two; general purpose and specific sense of purpose are not the same thing. But remember, we can align them. In fact, it is best that you align them so that you are not in conflict with yourself. 

Suppose your general purpose is to live a peaceful life and your specific purpose is to find a job where you are able to promote your mental well-being or pursue your dream. You should align them and try to get a job that suits the profile even if the salary is less. Eventually, your wellbeing and satisfaction will not only reflect on your health but also will take you to greater heights in your career. 

Ease of taking a decision

When you put things in perspective like this, it is easier to make a decision. You will make mistakes along the way. You will have those struggles which are there. But finding the purpose will give you a feeling that whatever you did was worth it! Among other things, you will realize what it means to live life as you would it to be thus leading to a happy, fulfilling life. 

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