What Is Santa?

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Come Christmas and all of us are in a mood to celebrate, be happy and buy gifts for the ones we love.

Parents tell their children that on Christmas eve Santa Claus gets gifts for them. Whatever they wish for they should write it on a small piece of paper so Santa can fulfill their wish. Parents try to fulfill their kids’ wishes and say Santa has done so.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is defined and painted in our minds as a grandfatherly figure. He is joyous and happy at all times. He goes from one house to another in the middle of the night when no one can see him. It is he who fulfills everyone’s wishes. He is dressed in red, the color of health, love, power, and courage. He is not fashion-conscious and has been dressed in the same red suit for ages. Living in a faraway land where no one can reach him. Traveling in an open sledge braving the cold winter night breeze. Living in beautiful but uncongenial conditions, yet laughing and delivering happiness to others. He is not looking for appreciation or recognition. He wishes to remain anonymous.

A few days before Christmas, when my child was 10 years old. I was taking out the Christmas decorations and asked my son what he wants from Santa this Christmas. I was surprised at the reply. My son said, “Mom do you still really believe there is a Santa. I have never seen one come into our house. Also, I know that it is you every Christmas who gets the gifts for me. I am old enough to understand this how come you don’t get it?’

My son’s query made me ponder. It was a make-or-break question. If I told my son that there was no Santa in reality he would stop believing in the joy of giving, in the happiness of making others happy, in the love that you show to other people.

The Concept

So I explained to my son that Santa is not a human being whom we can see. He is a mythological character, a concept. He has no religion. One who spreads the essence of love, health, and happiness worldwide without any desire for self-benefit. Everyone and anyone who does that, for even a single person, is Santa for him.
My son innocently asked, “then are dad and you Santa?”

I smiled and told him that we are, for him. He again asked, “When I grow up I too can be Santa?”

This time my husband took over and told him that he didn’t have to wait to grow up to be Santa. If he helps any living being be it human or an animal. Small acts of helping someone cross the road, provide food, clothes, medical help, or anything they need. He would be Santa for them. The best part would be, he does not even have to do it in person. Just ensure that his gift reaches them and brings a smile and happiness to their face.

Merry Christmas

So it is in our hands whether we want to keep the legacy of Santa alive or kill it. We need to enlighten our kids of this joyous act of giving selflessly and the amount of happiness it brings in one’s life.

What is Santa?

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