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During my long runs, I most often get an urge to go to the washroom after 5 to 7 Kms. Irrespective of the fact that I am able to clear my stomach most mornings and have no GI issues, this problem comes almost in all my runs. What can I do to prevent it?


Let us understand why it happens first. There are two basic reasons for it.

Firstly when we run, we toss things inside our GI tract making it move and strike the walls.

Secondly, once we have run some distance requirement of blood in skeletal muscle areas which are utilized for running increases. Thus blood gets diverted from the digestive system which the body has presumed lower in priority at this stage.

This disrupts sensitive body balance and fluid absorption leading to cramps forcing you to look for a washroom. There are a few things you can try. Every individual is different and hence you can do a hit and trial of things to reach the best solution.

  • Consume high-fiber food 24 hours before your long runs.
  • Do not try new things, electrolytes, or supplement just before your run. Let your body get used to it.
  • Plan your meals well and never overeat.
  • Remember a most stressed run will lead to a more reduced supply of blood to the GI tract. Hence let your body get used to pace and distance in stages.
  • Breathing is important to do a stress-free run. It relaxes your muscles leading to a less annoyed GI Tract.
  • Run upright. If required see about 40 to 50 feet ahead and not shoulder drooped and neck bent. The opening of the diaphragm will lead to more oxygen supply and less overall stress.
  • Consume enough fluids 24 hours before your long run. Avoid heavy food.

A Word From H2F Care

If you think you are getting stressed every time no matter what you do, Just take two A4 size papers and roll and hold them like a baton in both hands. Ensure they do not get crumpled during the run. This will help you learn to run without excessive tension.

Article by: Capt Jitu Harjai Fitness Expert H2FCare

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