Understanding Mind For Better Living

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It is believed that there are several dimensions of our mind. But some people ask what is the difference between the brain and the mind?
The brain is a human organ that has a physical form whereas the mind is the process and awareness generated when linked with Prakriti (nature).

Mind is so powerful yet unique that each person has different dimensional variations within.

Hence broadly mind has been divided into four categories.

These categories are Buddhi, Ahamkara, Manas, and Chitta.

The Acquired Memory

When a child is born, there is no memory. As the interaction with Prakriti starts, a child starts to form memories. These memories start developing Buddhi. Buddhi is like a data bank available to you to take any decision or solve any problem. It is believed that the human brain can develop trillions of thoughts and continues to acquire new memories all the time. Since Buddhi is based on what we have realized as memory, it has limitations and boundaries.

The Ego

Based on the information of Buddhi, one makes own identity. This part of the mind decides likes, dislikes, behavior, decision, and judgments. The part depends on the information in the data bank that is Buddhi. The process of Ahamkara can be different for a different person using the same memory. This happens when other parts come into play.

The Internal Memory

This is the memory that is present in every cell of our body. Our organ system work efficiently based on the internal memory. We do not give instructions to our hearts to beat. It beats due to internal memory which is always there. Probably our DNA and other similar memory sources come under Manas. The memory is carried forward for millions of years. It does get evolve based on Buddhi but not directly and very slowly.

The Only Intelligence

Chitta has no memories. It is simply there and is pure intelligence. It does not require any data from the memory bank and hence is limitless and has no boundaries. Chitta is what keeps us alive. Chitta has the power to alter all other dimensions and introduce one to inner peace. Once we can understand the presence of Chitta, we start the evolution inside us and also within the species as a whole.
Chitta is the last point of mind and connects you with the eternal self. Chitta once connected with Buddhi and Ahamkara clears the path of a higher self. Once you learn to keep your Chitta engaged, singularity with the universe is clearly understood.

One doesn’t feel the need to connect or disconnect with the actions and the fruits. Since now one becomes boundary-less, one gets the feeling of being unborn and no longer worries about death or achieving immortality.

JitYog’ is an initiative of H2FCare to bring knowledge of our Vedas, Purans, and Upanishads to improve our day-to-day living. This article on the Understanding of the human mind is a sequel to Ashtang Yog.

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