There is a teacher in every one of us!

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There is a famous ancient proverb, ‘Guru bina gati nahi’ (No progress without a teacher). But who is the best teacher (Guru)? There is a teacher in every one of us. So, the actual teacher is not a person but wisdom and knowledge. To attain this knowledge we need a source. This source awakens our inner conscious allowing us to grow in the true sense. The outside teacher or Guru thus plays a very important role in giving us directions and increase our knowledge which subsequently awakens us from inside.

Role of an outside teacher

The teacher who helps the true teacher that is your own self grow in every aspect of life is very important. If you want to learn a new skill, you need an instructor. The instructor shows you the way and technique. Once you are able to understand it, you become proficient in this new skill. Then your inner teacher takes over and performs this new skill in your unique way. Hence the outside teacher is like a pathfinder. There are many things that happen when you have such a teacher.

  • Your true talent and skill comes out better and quicker.
  • Your takeoff platform is higher as your teacher’s experience and skill is simply added in you.
  • Learning gives you internal happiness and sense of satisfaction.
  • The teacher gives course correction as and when required.
  • Results are more focused and concise

How to awaken the teacher inside

Knowledge and wisdom are the only two attributes that can awaken the teacher inside you. There are various ways to attain it. An outside teacher is the most practiced and preferred as for the reasons are already stated before. However, it is important to choose a teacher wisely and not blindly. If one feels that the teacher is unable to understand your inner needs, it is time to look for someone else.  

Wisdom and knowledge

An outside teacher is influenced by various circumstances of their own life which modify their beliefs and teachings. Thus it is essential to filter out their personal opinions and influences. One must strain such information and take the portion which contributes in own knowledge and wisdom. True growth is always from the inside. Hence learning from the outer world and turning inwards will make you joyful and satisfied. Thus will awaken the true teacher inside you.

How to become a teacher for others

The goal of the outside teacher should be to make a student responsible for their own decisions. Let the student adopt his own style and resonance. Try to impart knowledge to others unbiased from own influences and circumstances. Let your students listen to you so that they are able to initialize their own teacher. Humans are meant to grow and evolve. A teacher should be a facilitator who allows the student to simply evolve into a better self. Be a counselor to show the right way and let the students walk and do the hard work required to manifest their goals. 

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