The Allergy Mishap

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One fine morning during my school life I woke up sneezing. It didn’t bother me that day. It started to happen more often and with greater intensity. This is when I started to notice it. Now 10 years hence it has become a part of my life. Yes, I have an allergy to … what I am yet to discover.   

It is a very common statement, ‘Oh I am allergic to …’.

Some of us are allergic to dust, some to certain weather, some to the sun, some to metals touching our skin, and so on and so forth. The common symptoms of these allergic reactions are cold, sneezing, rashes, or swelling.

 The Starting Point

Allergies seem to occur out of nowhere. You might develop an allergy when exposed to some new allergens in the environment, due to family history or due to changes in your immune system. They might occur at any stage in your life.

The Interpretation

Normally our immune system fights germs. An allergy is a reaction of our immune system to a false alarm which normally does not bother most people but only a few.

The most commonly found allergies are due to :

  1. Drug: True allergy to a drug occurs only in a small number
  2. Food: Food like peanuts, cashews, dairy, fish, etc can be the cause of allergies to some people.
  3. Insect: Bees, wasps, dust mite are the most common bugs that cause allergic reactions.
  4. Latex: An allergic reaction to items made of natural rubber latex such as gloves, balloons, condoms, etc can cause serious health risks.
  5. Mold: Mold and mildew are types of fungi that grow in dark and moist places. These can occur both indoors and outdoors and cause allergies year around.
  6. Pet: It is the most widely seen allergy to the fur coat of dogs and cat.
  7. Pollen: It is the most common cause of seasonal allergies. Pollen of several plants during a particular season cause allergies in many people.
  8. Dust: Dust when enters through the nasal passage can trigger a series of allergic responses in a few.

The Tackling

Allergies can be diagnosed with blood and skin tests. These are treated with antihistamines, corticosteroids, or decongestants depending upon your symptoms. They are also treated by avoiding the cause of allergy.

The best way to overcome the allergies is to make a lifestyle change and avoid the root cause of the allergy, if possible. Say if you are allergic to dust, wear a mask while walking in dusty areas, if you are allergic to dairy products, become a vegan or stop eating all dairy items, if you are allergic to pets, make a point to meet your friend, who has a pet, away from their house.

Make lifestyle changes to live an allergy-free life!

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