Sweat is Mostly Made up of Water

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Our body is the best functional system on the planet. It has its system to keep things under control. For example, sweat which is 99 percent water is used by the body to cool the skin. We all know that evaporation causes a cooling effect. The body sends sweat on the skin surface and then the evaporation process keep the system from overheating,
Sweat has other benefits too. Sweat also has few antibiotic peptides that appear to regulate bacteria growth and keep skin clear of infections.
As we know that everybody is different, so is the amount of sweating that may occur. Also, it is found that men sweat more than women. As we age, we sweat less and less. However, the constituent of sweat more or less remains the same. It has some 373 volatile compounds in very small quantities.

Sweat and Workout

One needs to understand that sweat only causes temporary weight loss due to water loss in the body. So it should never be considered a tool to lose weight. Too much sweating causes dehydration. Ambient temperature, humidity and environmental factors can affect the quantum of sweat. However, it also influences our workout capabilities. For example, it is believed that with every single degree rise in temperature, the running pace may vary by 2 to 3 percent.

We can take certain steps to regulate our sweating and keep the workout at optimum efficiency. Following steps can be taken:

1.Wear appropriate clothes which allow movement of sweat. Nowadays special clothing is available to absorb and move sweat.

2.Keep neck and face clear of hair. Keeping clear will help sweat to evaporate and do what it is meant to do.

3.Stay hydrated. A dehydrated body is not able to sweat as it should causing various medical issues. The hydration process involves having water all day and not just before, during or after a workout.

4.Washing face, hands, and arms or taking a bath before a workout is recommended.

5.Lotions and makeup tend to block the glands and must be avoided.

Hyperhidrosis is a problem that leads to overacting nerves connecting to the glands causing excessive sweating. If one feels that sweating is more than it should be, it might be the right decision to check with a doctor.

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