Success Of A Beginner’s Running Program

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beginner's running

Many of us have tried to start some physical exercise over the past years, but we either failed to start or started but never continued. Although we understand that fitness is a regular process and has to be part of our lifestyle, somehow we fail to do so. We also keep reading and hearing about the benefits of running. Social media is full of hobby and fitness runners smiling and enjoying their new fit life. At H2FCare we decided to help those who want to start a beginner’s running program with a plan which has stood the test of time. Although the final plan will require your involvement as we feel no two individuals are the same, there are some ingredients that are the same in all the plans and are the reason for 100% success.

Do Not Attempt A New Program When Feeling Low

It is important that you start to think about a new plan only when you are not feeling sick or low on emotions. Initial zeal to start something new is the first major step. If you are forcing yourself because you feel you are unfit or out of your BMI ( calculate your BMI), wait for a while. Let that feeling go away. Make a plan when you feel like running.

Do Not Plan To Do It Alone

Running with friends or running buddies is the fun part and try not to miss that. Make sure you find the right group. There are various factors that will determine that, such as location, level, running track available, age, etc. In almost all the cities you will find running groups. Find one and join them.

Progress At Own Pace

Do not try to copy those who have been running for a while or are quick to progress. As mentioned, no two individuals are the same. So be it! Maintain your own comfortable pace. Run as much as you can. Combine runs with walks. Do as much exercise as you feel to keep you energized.

Walk For 30 Minutes Before You Run

If you have not been walking regularly, do not start running immediately. Try walking for 30 minutes first. Mix your walk with skipping or some other simple exercises. The last thing you want is to pick up an injury. Injuries are the biggest demotivating factor for beginners.  Remember to approach your fitness goals slowly.

Run Slow

The correct pace of running is when you are able to converse while running. Initially, you will be able to maintain your breath slow enough for a shorter time. As you build endurance, you will be more comfortable for longer distances. You can even mix run with a walk. Something like run for 500 meters and then walk for the next 500 meters.

Make A Schedule And Be Consistent

Consistency matters most. Once you make a plan, mix them with difficult and easy days. Never forget to have a rest day. But make sure that you stick to the plan. If for some reason you are not able to do as per plan for a day or two, never mind that. Lost time is gone. Start with the day when you can restart as if nothing has changed.

Progress Is True Motivation

Give some time of your day, noticing your progress. Running for a week has considerable progress which you will be able to notice. It is important to feel the progress as that keeps you motivated to continue.

A Word From H2FCare

There are several applications, fitness watches, and gadgets that are now available and can monitor various aspects of your training program. Keep a record of your progress and do not forget to notice the physiological and body composition benefits which you feel on the inside. To live a healthy, happy, and fit life all you need is a plan and motivation to execute the plan.

Article by: Capt Jitu Harjai Fitness Expert H2F Care

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