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stretching yoga

Many of us feel our muscles tensed, sore or tired when we get up from bed. We at times blame it on the events which may have happened the previous day or on the mattress. What we miss is that our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints keep getting worn out every day. This leads to an accumulation fatigue effect where up to a point our body does not show any symptoms. Once we cross the limit, we start feeling the symptoms. We not only can stop the damage but undo our past lethargy. We simply have to start our day by ‘Stretching Yoga’.

What we need to do!

We don’t need fancy poses or too long a time. Just a few minutes of dynamic stretching which just involves moving joints and activating our muscles. So do not worry if you are able to touch your toes or not. It is important that you activate all your muscles and joints. This will increase your blood flow, boost your brain activity for the day and help you shake off the stresses of work and daily activity.

Benefits of Early morning Stretching Yoga

Improves quality of sleep

Stretching helps reduce spasms and stresses in your muscles and hence helps sleep comes easily. In case you get up many times at night or have disturbed sleep, stretching yoga is the answer. Many people get cramps or backaches. We can alleviate these with just a few weeks of yoga.

Improves overall health

Since it improves blood circulation, it helps our organ systems to function more efficiently. It is something like warming up before your run. Hence there is less wear and tear of muscles and ligaments, heart functions remain good and overall vitality remains at its peak. 

Pain reduction without medication

Early morning stretching yoga prepares us for various unavoidable issues such as sitting in the office for a long time, long traveling hours, working on a computer desk, etc. What stretching does is that it addresses the skeletomuscular system preparing it to withstand the stresses. It has been observed that just a 10-day stretching brought down chronic pains associated with bad posture in 82% of cases. These are much more effective in neck, shoulder, and back pains.

Makes you feel energetic

The stretching does not require you to log hours of workout or put yourself into pain. It simply requires you to move all the muscles and associated joints. Once you do it for just a few minutes every day, the body responds quickly by becoming more responsive. You will feel more energetic and active.

Ease of doing

The best part about these stretches is that you do not require any equipment. You can perform them in minimal space. If you travel a lot, all you need is a small space in your hotel room. In case you think you have less time, you can always cut short the routine for a day. The benefits do not fade away if you miss a day or two for any reason such as illness or any other circumstances. 

Choose what you like

The best part of yoga is that there is a huge variety of options. All you need to do is remember that you are activating all your muscle groups. We at will share one such routine. However, you can add, delete or do variations as you may like. In 60 days you will see the progress and hence can increase the difficulty levels. Remember, you can choose what you like and start from the level where you think you are. Never rush yourself. Never do any stretch which causes pain. 

What if you feel uncomfortable?

These yoga stretches are meant to take out stress and tension from your body. In case you feel uncomfortable such as pain after you have finished the yoga session, excessive sweating afterward, higher heartbeat, or any other sign, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Remember these sessions are not supposed to cause any distress. Hence if you feel anything uncomfortable, probably the body is trying to give you a sign of any other underlying issue. Maybe you need to address that immediately and then resume these yoga stretches. 

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