Spaced Learning Key To Knowledge Retention

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Spaced learning – learning new skills

Have you ever heard of ‘Spaced Learning’ and how you can use it to hone the skills which you wanted but never really started? Have you come across a fear of not being able to perform? I think yes! There are times when we shut ourselves up from a task which we like to do but are not proficient at. If you search your thoughts well, you will agree that there are a few things which you think you are naturally good at. However, you do not try because of the fear of not performing or living up to an expectation. H2FCare is here to help you with this.

Understanding it 

To help you come out of this fear and do what you like, we will take a relevant example. Do you remember when you first decided to drive a car? Actually, I do! I turned 18 years and decided to learn how to drive a car. So my parents booked a car coaching for me. I was so glad that I was about to do what I wanted to do. So my first day behind the wheel came. It was completely different from what I imagined. I had no control and my instructor was almost controlling every moment. I was so focused on a single move that I missed other aspects and  situational awareness.

As I progressed, I improved. I had this class every day for about an hour. I did that for one month and then got myself a ‘Learner’s License’. I was so excited to have it. I continued with my practice so that I can get a permanent license. However, even now I had to concentrate so much on driving aspects that I never realised what music was playing. I used to even refrain from talking at times. However, I never missed an opportunity to drive.

I got my license and it has been many years now. Driving has become part of my muscle memory and I do not even have to think or plan. I enjoy music, talk to people and sometimes even eat a sandwich.

You will have to understand that this happens with every new skill which we want to learn. Irrespective of the fact that how desperate we are or how good we may be, we still have to work in bits and pieces to reach a standard.

Spaced Learning Technique 

There is a learning technique called ‘Spaced Learning’. When you first start to learn a new skill, you will have to repeat it after small intervals. If you do not do that, you are likely to forget it. Practice the skill again and again in short durations so it gets hard-wired into your brain. Once it moves to your permanent memory, no further practice is required. Even long breaks may cause negligible depletion in skill levels.

How to hardwire the skill inside your brain?

It is simple! Initially when you start, do not worry about performance and standards. Just make sure that you practice more and more. For example, if you want to paint, just start from what you can and have no expectations. Remind yourself that it is not possible to produce a piece of art in the first attempt. You must focus on frequency more than the result. Repeat the process. Avoid long sessions. Instead do small but repeated sessions. As you progress with yourself, you will realize that things have started becoming simpler and hence you are becoming good.

Remember our advice; ‘Start small and practice often’.

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