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Sleeping should come naturally was the belief before sleep became a full-time medical subject. Many realized that even after a full night’s sleep their bodies have not recovered well. Sleep doctors have now proved that sleep improves running and overall quality of life. Simply putting your head on the pillow and closing your eye may not be sufficient. Life is becoming challenging by the day. We feel mental and physical challenges every day which drains us mentally and physically. It is the sleep that charges us back to face life. Sleep actually decides what kind of day we will have. An exhausted person cannot have a good day, and bad things start to happen. Good sleep affects mood and behavior positively. In the case of a runner, sleep improves performance and efficiency.

It is your life

The tougher life becomes, the more energy you need to face the challenges. Since life keeps throwing challenges every day, we need to recharge and repair them on daily basis. Hence the need for more concentrated sleep for a better recovery. For an athlete or a runner undergoing training, it is imperative that recovery is completed before the next session of training. Hence make a life that respects your mind and body. Do not hesitate in making changes if required.

Enhance the quality of sleep

Once the quality of sleep improves, recovery becomes faster. There is no easy way to improve health and performance better than sleep. There are various ways one can practice to improve the quality of sleep.

Back off if required

Respect your body and understand the signs. Do not train if you have not recovered well. Sensing body signals is a vital skill. There are ways you can shape your training to fit your recovery status.

Correct and regular training

One must make a training schedule that takes care of workouts as well as rest periods. If you have an injury, do not expect a miracle. Rest and recover before taking on the training.

Find the Rhythm

One must feel fresh and alert in the morning. If you are not feeling that way, you need to introspect on sleeping habits. A right balance between training and rest is necessary. Certain important aspects such as avoiding work till late hours, avoid caffeine, contribute to have a rhythm in training.

Ask for help

If you have tried everything but still sleep quality is not good, it is time to see an expert. One must feel alert and high in the morning. If you are not feeling the same way despite your efforts, try and discuss it to make sure you do not have any other medical issues.

Take home message

Sleep is an important part of training for all kinds of runners. Hence it is essential that you make it part of your schedule. Improve your sleep and running will surely improve.

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