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We all are aware of 7-8 hours of beauty sleep. We also know that sleep helps to reenergize us. It boosts our immunity, helps to control our metabolism and weight, prevents cardiovascular diseases, and many more. Whereas lack of sleep impairs reasoning, problem-solving, and attention to detail all arising because of improper functioning of the brain.

The most important fact that we are ignorant of is that sleep gives the brain a chance to clean itself which in turn does all the above-mentioned things.

Cleaning Process

During the deep sleep phase when dreaming occurs, there is a cerebrospinal fluid that flows within our lymphatic system or in the spaces between the neurons in the brain. This fluid is like the waste disposal system. It cleans all the waste materials produced by the brain cells during their regular functioning.  The waste consists of potentially toxic proteins if present impairs the flow of information between neurons.

This cleansing process requires loads of energy. While we are awake the brain is unable to generate this energy. When we are awake all our energy is directed towards the other functions of the body.

Research has also shown that the interstitial spaces between the brain cells enlarge during sleep. This enlargement of space further facilitates the cleaning process.


Neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain fog, stroke, etc. are all due to lack of sleep.

People working night shifts and all those facing lack of sleep develop damage sooner or later in their life as their brains do not undergo proper cleaning and are remain clogged like the drainage systems of our cities which stop proper functioning if remain uncleaned.

Risk to Night Owls

People who tend to sleep very late at night, but have to report to work early also tend to lose out on sleep. They might feel that they make up for the lost sleep on weekends or their days off. However, brain cleaning does not regulate at our will. It follows a set pattern and requires daily cleaning for proper and optimum functioning.


Seven to nine hours of sleep every night is important for proper cognitive and behavioral functioning. Early risers may need a power nap during midday to boost up their energy levels. However, the proper regular night’s sleep is irreplaceable. If you are a poor sleeper put in an effort to regulate your sleep habits and develop a proper sleep routine for a clean brain and healthy life.

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