Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) and Progressive Mindset

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Do you change your goal very often or have you ever met someone who changes their life goals all the time? The problem is of committing to a single thing. Some days they want a job with better money and the very next day they feel that they should start their own business. The outcome of their thoughts keeps changing as per the circumstances around them. Till such time they feel good, they keep going and will keep the same goal. But the moment something else calls for their attention, they become negative. So now, they will drop everything and focus on their next dream. This is a classic symptom of ‘Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).

Drawbacks of SOS

People who are just not able to deal with problems or setbacks but have abilities generally face SOS. The feeling of everything to happen immediately or the way they want is food to ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. They always want their circumstances to behave in a particular way that favors them. Unfortunately, this little bubble has to burst. And when it bursts they do not think about analyzing what went wrong or if changing the strategy is important to reach the goal. They just choose another goal and start going after it. This attitude not only causes problems within their own life but also people around them. People stop trusting their abilities and hence one starts losing friends and maybe even family.

Surprisingly, if one looks back and calculates how many unfinished projects they had, the conclusion about suffering from SOS will become obvious. These goals can be anything starting from a job, business, losing weight, making a social group, etc. One lands us wasting time and money both.

Overcoming SOS with a Progressive Mindset

The most important thing one needs to have to achieve your goals in life is ‘A Progressive Mindset’.  That allows you to see every challenge as an opportunity. Once you move out of SOS, you will stick to your goal and will make planned endeavors to achieve success. You will start finding alternative ways to reach your goal. You will know exactly what you want and be willing to do what it takes to get there. Once you do that, you truly start making things happen. Out of SOS, colleagues will have trust again in you. Friend and family will start counting on you again.

A Progressive Mindset is Achievable

People suffering from ‘SOS’ have abilities. That is why they are able to see so many things within their capability. In fact, they have the capability but just one setback, and everything changes. A progressive mindset is nothing but analyzing the progress, making suitable adjustments, a small course correction to stay on track. When one has a progressive mindset, one is able to plan better for the goal. Loss of time and money is not there.  

Take home message

Set one goal. Work at it relentlessly and you will achieve success. All you need is a progressive mindset. 

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