September Edition


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September edition

It is a magazine that was started to awaken both the conscious and unconscious minds. We endeavor every month to elucidate facts that go unnoticed or of which people are not aware.

Today when all are under pressure due to either health or work we need toBuild Up Mental Wellbeing‘. Just like to build up the physical wellbeing we need to put in an effort for our mental wellbeing too. Our article in the September magazine covers all aspects of it.

We all are aware that regular exercise helps us to maintain our body weight and shape but what we are not of aware is that exercise also results in helping you live an independent life in older years. ‘Exercise and Successful Aging’! Read our article in this month’s edition and start aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes workouts daily!

Hypertension is the most common ailment from which people suffer. In our September edition, we have tried to eliminate the factors that are responsible for causing hypertension and how to control it without medicines Controlling Hypertension Without Medication‘.

It is an era of online learning and work, a lot of people face the problem of what to do for the wellness of their and their kid’s eyes. In this edition, we have busted some Myths and Facts’ that have been stated about what affects our vision and what measures to take.

Our Fitness expert is also an ultra-marathon runner and trainer. He guides and solves the runner’s problems. We have administered one such problem of Consuming coffee/caffeine before my run, in this month’s edition. If you have any queries do email us [email protected]

Under the guidance of our certified and qualified counselors, we have included an infotainment section that includes ‘Crossword’ and ‘Sudoku’. These games help to attain Intellectual Wellness. To play them online download our Interactive PDF version of the magazine here.

If you want to gain the satisfaction of turning pages and reading a magazine download our Flipbook here.

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