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Can we imagine a day without water? Well on some days there is no water supply, Don’t we dread those days? We make preparations in advance and store water because “No water No life, No blue No green” is how the saying goes. Today 8th June is World Oceans Day. We must all pledge on this day, not wastewater and to save our oceans.

The UN celebrates World Ocean Day every year to bring about awareness among people on how to make the oceans a part of sustainable development. This year the theme of UN:” Life and Livelihoods” associated with oceans is to focus our attention on the marine life the oceans support and the livelihoods people obtain from these oceans.

Threats To Oceans

  1. Global Warming: There has been a rise in sea levels due to global warming. This has raised a threat to the population living in coastal regions.
  2. Most of the pesticides and nutrients used in agriculture are finally drained into the oceans. Hence, causing a depletion of the oxygen levels in the oceans resulting in killing the marine flora and fauna.
  3. All the industrial wastes are discharged into the oceans raising the levels of pollutants in the oceans hence, endangering marine life.
  4. There now and then we hear of oil spills from various countries tankers in some ocean or the other. All this oil pollutes the oceans.
  5. Air pollution on land adds to contamination of the water of oceans in the coastal regions.
  6. Poisonous algae and various other plants growing along the sides of harbors disrupt the ecological balance of the oceans.
  7. Overfishing is one of the major reasons to disrupt the marine ecological balance.
  8. Disposal of plastic wastes into the oceans destroys the marine ecosystem thus harming all forms of life in them.


  1. Establishing Marine Parks to protect marine biodiversity.
  2. Fishing should be done keeping in mind the conservation of fish species.
  3. Reducing Military Sonar which is the major cause of harm to whales and other marine animals.
  4. Stop destructive fishing practices like trawling.
  5. We should look for plastic-free alternatives so that there is less plastic waste to be disposed of.
  6. Reduce the release of carbon gases into the atmosphere and in turn help to maintain the ecosystem of the oceans.
  7.  Industrial and agricultural waste should be properly disposed of. 

Better Late Than Never

Well, Don’t we all love to spend our vacations on a beach? Today the Oceans need our help. It does sound like a herculean task when we say let’s work towards saving the oceans. But let me remind you no water no life. We all want to continue to go and want our future generations too to go snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and to enjoy the colored fish and the beautiful corals. Let us make few lifestyle changes today to make our future better.

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