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Today when we see around, everyone is stressed. We all have so many things running simultaneously that we often feel overloaded. Our brain which was tuned to respond to acute stress is now facing a chronic condition. Both cardiovascular and physiological responses which were designed during our caveman days were to cater for acute stresses. They were meant to run away from danger or safeguard own life. However, now the situation has changed. Those short-duration acute stresses have become chronic long-term. The long-term response of high-level stress in humans is leading to brain thinning besides issues like hypertension, headache, lower sex drive, sugar, etc. There are endless ways to move our body systems out of this chronic stress.

Include some Workout in your Day

To your surprise exercise or running does as much for your brain as it does for your muscles. Group activity is even better. In various studies, it has been found that people have shown improvement in a mental, physical and emotional state. This leads to a reduction in stress and improvement in organ functions.

Peace Walk

Decide to take a walk and not to think anything but just feel the walk. Feel your steps, your breath, what others are doing, the sound of wind in your ears, and other such natural happenings around. Find a park and walk for just 15 minutes. Our body releases feel-good hormones such as endorphins, etc. This leads to relaxation and lowers stress levels.

Gargle or make Humm Sound 

When we are stressed, our sympathetic nervous system hijacks our response. We soon get into a chronic state. Gargling or making a humming sound activates our parasympathetic nervous system leading to a state of calmness.

Listen to the Sound of Rain or a Wave

The sound of rain or a wave has a relaxing effect. Even the fake one is quite effective. It has a rhythm that mediates the frequency created by stress. There are several applications and hardware devices available to produce the desired sounds.

Become a Kid and Laugh

Laughing is important, what makes you laugh is not important. Just behave like a kid and you will find many reasons to laugh. Even a fake one will be good enough. Laughing reduces cortisol (stress-inducing hormone) and makes the body relax.

Check Yourself

Monitor your breathing, what is moving when you breathe. Focus on your breath and see how your surroundings are affecting you. It can be wind, sound, light, or someone sitting next to you. It fills your mind with the present and moves you away from stressful thoughts, situations, or circumstances. 

Mind Wondering

Our brain is meant to think of different things all the time. No matter what we do, it cannot be stopped. This is one of the reasons that stress becomes chronic. We dwell on the situation. Thus the effect becomes permanent leading to illnesses such as hypertension. Mind-wandering will help you fill your mind with more thoughts. Make sure you do not dwell or develop a thought. Once you feel you are going deep, try to move to some other thought. 

Power Nap

These stress hormones keep knocking us down. So at times, we need to reset the response. The best way to do is to take a small nap. The nap can be as small as five minutes but holds power equal to the complete night sleep when we are in a stressful situation. Surprisingly, after a nap, the stress levels are lowered and we are better equipped to face any issue.

Avoid Alcohol and Drink Water

Alcohol in any quantity intensifies stress and anxiety. When we drink, we may feel that it is taking away from the situation but reducing response from our Central Nervous System (CNS), however in actual it leads to increasing physiological response to stress leading to illnesses. Drinking water or hydrating on the other hand has the opposite effect. Remember water can travel inside the cell without a problem. Hence it simply gives every cell a chance to freshen up, leading to a reduction in stress levels right up to cellular levels.

Use Ice Cold Water

Ice water has its advantages. Well if you cannot drink it, wash your face with it. Taking a bath is even better. It simply reduces inflammation and hence related hormones. This has an immediate effect on reducing stress.

Reduce your Screen Time

We have a habit of checking our mobiles for Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. All notifications keep demanding us to check the mobile. All we need to do is check it less frequently. Maybe you need to keep your mobile away for some time. Uninstall few applications if possible. Never use mobile close to sleeping time as it interferes with your sleep pattern. 

Magnesium and Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce anxiety, and magnesium makes your sleep calmer. The overall effect is reducing inflammation and relaxing brain activity. Including walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, which are a good source of Omega 3 and magnesium, in your diet is a great idea. 

Become a Gardener

Planting a plant and then taking care of it gives a sense of happiness and bonding. Surprisingly studies have proved that even planting a single tree has lowered cortisol levels and shown improvement in depression. 

Control the stressors

We all know that our emotions make us human. However, if those are increasing stress and anxiety, we need to recheck ourselves. Notice the reasons which increase stress and make you feel uncomfortable. There can be many things such as a comment on social media about you, or someone commenting about you in public which you didn’t like. Endeavor to come out of these events. The stressors can be controlled, you just have to take note of this and that is all. 

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