Phone No.
What of the following best describes the organization/individual that you represent?Deselect Answer
If any other please specify
How many helicopters do you own and operate? (Including helicopters leased for operations?Deselect Answer
If an Ultra-Light Helicopter is offered in the market, what configuration would you prefer?
Up to what flight duration do you prefer to travel in a Helicopter?
Up to what distance would you prefer to travel in an Ultra-Light Helicopter?
What type of skid would you prefer for Ultra-Light Helicopter?Deselect Answer
What kind of Power Plant will be preferred for subject helicopter?Deselect Answer
If you own a helicopter for personal use/private use, what would you prefer?Deselect Answer
Where do you propose to park Helicopter?Deselect Answer
Which one of the following is true for you?Deselect Answer
Up to What altitude would you prefer to fly this helicopter?Deselect Answer
Do you need Air Conditioning in helicopter?Deselect Answer
What Kind of Instruments are Preferred in Cockpit?Deselect Answer
Would you like to use Helicopter for Adventure Sports like Para Jumping, Sky Diving Etc.?Deselect Answer
What Basic Price in your opinion is affordable for buying an Indian designed and Indian manufactured Small Helicopter in Indian Currency?Deselect Answer
How much lead time would be acceptable for delivery of the helicopter after placing firm order?Deselect Answer
While buying the Helicopter, would you prefer to add the Product Life Cycle (including Overhauling of Helicopter) cost to the Tagged Price?Deselect Answer
Once you purchase the Helicopter, for how long do you expect to use it?Deselect Answer
For a small Ultra-Light Helicopter are you looking for a baggage compartment?Deselect Answer
What type of Controls would you prefer on the Helicopter?Deselect Answer
Is there an air logistics segment which is un-served or under-served for want of an Ultra-Light helicopter?Deselect Answer
If yes please specify
Is there a role/application in your business or businesses known to you, for which you envisage use of an Ultra-Light helicopter? (Kindly describe role in brief)
How many Ultra-Light helicopters could find use/application in Indian airspace in coming years? (number of helicopters) by 2025
(number of helicopters) by 2030
( number of helicopters) by 2035
Do you know any other business or private entity or an organization or a person who is well placed to provide relevant industry information to RWSI and Legend Technologies in improving the outcomes of this survey?Deselect Answer
Contact info:
What best describes you in your organization?

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