Emotional Intelligence

Welcome to your Emotional Intelligence

I become aware of it when I lose my temper
I can handle difficult situations immediately
I am always able to motivate myself for completing a difficult task
I can always see things from others view point
I am a great listener
I know when I am happy
I do not openly show my emotions to all
I know what jobs need to be prioritized at work
I can empathize with other’s problems
I know when I am stressed
I do not interrupt other’s conversations
People cannot identify my mood
I always meet deadlines
I am aware when someone is not happy with me
I gel well in a group of a variety of people
I am aware of when I am emotional
I do not like to waste time
I rarely get angry at people
I can identify when people are not able to work together
Interacting with people is the most interesting thing for me
I am aware of the reasons that make me anxious
Difficult people do not annoy me
I do not prevaricate
I believe others are not difficult but different
I am good at reconciling my differences with other’s

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  1. That was a very nice and simple to answer quiz. The results and the recommendations apply very well to me.

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