Depression Test

Welcome to your Depression Test

1. There has been a change in my appetite
2. I feel like leaving everything and going away so where far and silent
3. I get exhausted in company
4. I feel I am a failure in life
5. I feel aloneā€¦
6. I have no friends to talk to or to go out with
7. I feel confused and am not able to comprehend minor tasks
8. I do not feel like indulging in any of the activities which I used to love earlier
9. I prefer wearing dull and darker color clothes
10. I do not care I have taken a bath everyday or not, or cut my nails
11. I feel like crying for no reason
12. I wish I was dead, and think how to do it
13. My family is no longer my priority
14. Even when I am with people I feel lonely

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