Pursuing dreams and living on own terms

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pursue dreams

Is that you are feeling stuck in the loop of life which gives you no meaning? If yes, you need to understand the call from your inner self and try to break out from the situation. But most of us are unable to do that as a clear path is not visible. If you had a dream and you tried to walk on a different path in the past but did not succeed, do not be disheartened. There are ways you can re-introduce your true self. Let us solve this fundamental struggle of life. 

Time only moves in one direction

Remember the time you have lived is over. It cannot come back. But you can still fulfil your dreams. Generally, we set aside our dreams and adjust to life because of responsibilities. Our expectations and demand for quick successes further weigh us down. So how do you again start living your life on your terms and not on circumstances forced terms?

Value and Action 

You need to have a clear value of the actions which can take you to the goal you want to achieve in life. Let us take an example. Suppose you are sitting in a meeting for a long time and now you have an urge to pee. The feeling is so strong that you are not able to concentrate on the meeting. But your boss had given orders not to leave in between the meeting at any cost. Your brain prioritizes the action and gives precedence to a physical need. Hence you no longer feel present in the feeling. Once you have relieved yourself, the brain sends a signal of achievement. This signal is extremely short-lived as once we are physically comfortable, the brain stops valuing the physical and prioritizes other matters. 

There are certain matters though which the brain always keeps at high precedence. Earning money is one of them. Hence once we start a life routine, our thoughts make sure that we value what is in hand rather than walk on an unknown path of uncertainty. So we suppress our goals and our internal motivation to live life on our own terms die out.

 How to Reignite the Motivation to Live for your Goals

It is simple. We need to make our present relevant and connect it to our future goals. We can do this only if we start taking small steps instead of taking drastic steps. Let us take an example here. Suppose you want to work in a company based out of France or you want to settle in Germany. The small step you can take is to start learning the language. And to make it further interesting, make this your daily routine. Start watching programs in that language. You can start making a few dishes too which are from that place. These will help you slowly increase the value of your goal in mind. Hence once you do this, internal motivation will restart. We need to plan our time to live in present and prepare for future.

The next step towards your goal will be to rephrase the words in your mind. Hence instead of telling yourself the final destination, try giving Enroute milestones. So before you dream of settling in Germany, maybe you start knowing people, culture, language, etc. Make some friends from that land can be a good milestone as it keeps further open up more doors towards your final goal. 

Remember Three steps 

Just three steps required to build the courage inside you and take the first step towards free life.

  • Establish clear value in your brain
  • Make the situation connect to your present
  • Reshape your goal into smaller milestones 

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