Procrastination: Are you gripped by it

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Do you feel powerless at times against your own self? Even though you tell yourself a million times, “I must start now”, you don’t. Many a time you wait until the very last moment to take your first step. There are times when you even have to postpone things indefinitely. In any case, you feel that procrastination has a grip on you. The grip is so strong that you are unable to get out of the clutches. In a worst-case scenario, you might feel that it has completely taken over your life. You at times may feel this procrastination nothing less than a mental illness. You will be surprised to know that if you feel this way, you are not alone.

The struggle

There are people who struggle with procrastination in school. People also suffer at home or at the job. The challenges are really brutal and intense. 

I remember a case in which procrastination at my friend’s job kept accumulating until the list of tasks became huge. The level of stress was so high that he could not work at all. So what started with him as a productivity issue transformed into an emergency. No one could help him and finally, he lost his job and confidence in himself. 

Why we procrastinate

If you are able to identify the grip of procrastination is catching up on you, you need to simply ask a question to yourself! “Are you happy at the job/ work you started procrastinating?” The answer may surprise you. Many a time you wish to do something else or study some other subject than what you are doing. Certain external factors influence your decision. That leads to you momentarily believing that, what the environment (parents, friends, counsellor etc.) is pointing towards is the right direction. You simply ignored your own call. So you ended up in something which now you recognize was not your passion or interest. 

Surprisingly, you may get initial success in those tasks you never wished to execute. The initial momentum may have taken you some distance. But sooner or later your inner conscious will catch up on you. It is no wonder that you will start procrastinating.  

Remember that your brain has been hardwired to develop survival instincts that are beyond your control. Hence those instincts will force you to avoid work or a subject so that un-wanting feeling goes away. This procrastinating feel soothing and comfortable to your brain.  

How to help yourself

 The help may not come immediately. It starts with reasoning out why you procrastinate. You may not get a simple answer but you will have to explore other options. Once you do that, you are going to hit something where your body and brain synergize to yield not just positive results but also get out of procrastination. 

 You will realise that you finish work before time. You have ideas that you want to implement. 

I know that what I mentioned above may not be the only reason but there any many more variables which add up and pushes you to start procrastinating. But I urge you to think about this. Probably read this article again.

If the job you are currently doing is not aligned with your values and talents, maybe it is the reason why you procrastinate! The whole point here will make more sense if you know what actually you are doing and what you wanted to do. Even if you do not know, asking yourself will set up processes to get more done to make you happy and reduce your stress. There is no harm to slowly reach momentum before you see the final change. 

Do not forget to analyse your life if you are in the grip of what we discussed and leave a comment if you think the content above about procrastinating has shaken you and forced you to answer yourself. 


Jitender Harjai

Your life and fitness coach

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