Power Napping – A Quick Recharge Button

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power nap

Power napping is a short period of sleep generally not within 3 to 4 hours of your normal sleep. It is simply a tool to supplement normal sleep and give you energy and alertness. Today, one out of three adults do not get enough sleep. Even if they are spending time in bed, the quality of sleep is low. This enables them with alertness and energy only for a few days. After a few days, their performance, concentration, and efficiency start to go down. Power napping just recharges us in a short period.

Being Sleep Deficit

Everyone is not able to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep and so we become sleep deficient. This over a few days starts interfering with our regular sleep and work schedule. As the deficit increases, it worsens our judgment, process time, vision, patience, and reaction. This leads to stress, burnout, and mood swings. All this starts affecting our physiological and cardiovascular fitness. 

What Power Napping can do?

Power naps can simply help us recover from the effects of sleep deficit. It resets our system and relishes our energy bags. A small nap gives enough rest to our mind and body that we can regain our efficiency and alertness. Although power napping is most effective if one has a good night’s sleep but not if you have a sleep deficit. Some people believe that if they have a power nap during the day, they are unable to fall asleep quickly at night. Frankly, it is a myth. Power napping does not disturb regular sleep. There probably is an underlying cause that we need to address.


  • Caffeine or energy drink is not the only way to overcome midday slowness that starts creeping, destroying our output. Napping is a better and healthier way to do so. 
  • A power nap is a healthy sleep that is more beneficial than hours of sleep lacking quality.
  • Power napping has some physiological effects on our body too as it reduces stress and anxiety. It improves our metabolism as adequate rest to the brain helps maintain the balance of chemicals in our body. 
  • A small but quality sleep improves our mood and has a direct influence on our relationship at work and home.

Set yourself up for a napping experience

There are some important ingredients of a healthy power nap. All we need to do is, set it upright and we have the world’s best tool in hand for our health.

  • Place: You need a quiet, calm, and comfortable place. Find a place where noise levels are low. See if the temperature is comfortable and a place to sit or lie down is good. 
  • Time of nap: Although one says that it needs to be at least 5 hours after your night sleep. The best is to synchronize it with the break time you might be having in school, work, office, etc. 
  • Duration: You can simply set an alarm between 15 to 30 minutes as per the time available. All you need is just a few minutes of deep sleep. The rest of the period around is for transition, in and out of sleep. 
  • Posture: All you need is to be comfortable. You should not come out with a strained neck or a shoulder. Sitting, lying down, or using a reclined position is okay. As you sleep, your body temperature falls. So you may need a blanket, a bedsheet, or something to cover. This will further increase your comfort level.

How to do it finally

To prepare yourself for a power nap you need to follow some simple steps

  • Start with relaxing and getting out of whatever you were doing.
  • Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes slowly.
  • Let now mid-slow down and your body rest completely.
  • Get your mind away from the day and you will be enjoying a power nap with maximum benefits. 

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