Passion is not just enough to reach your goal

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If there is one reason why most people never get to achieve their goals, it is this. They believe that passion is the only thing they need to be successful. They believe this so strongly that they devote time and energy completely into the passion and stop realizing what other things they require to do to reach their goal. I am sure you have already met someone who was highly passionate about something but has not been able to reach anywhere close to his/her goal. 

Only in the mind

People with passion have a project running in their minds. They just talk non-stop about that project they’ve had for so long. But, they have no idea as to what other things they require to make that happen. So when you hear someone “Dream it and you can achieve it!”, you need to tell yourself dream is important but not the only ingredient to succeed. 

 The dream can be a house you always wanted, a dream job, marry to form a perfect couple, or anything for that matter. You need true passion in your heart to materialize that and make it real. But people who simply rely on passion eventually realize that things are not so easy after all. If passion was the solution to all of our problems, all of us would have already achieved our goals by now. But that’s not the case.


Truth is that fulfilling any dream requires perseverance. There will be a lot of challenges to overcome. Problems to solve along the way. You have to keep putting in the effort, even when you don’t see any results. And when these “dreamers” end up hitting that reality, they usually quit.

 Now, if having passion is not just enough to achieve your dreams and to become successful then what else do you need?

 You need to have an action plan.

 I am not trying to tell you that being passionate about your goals is not important. After all, they give your life meaning and purpose. You need to have big goals you want to accomplish. You need to be willing to fight for your dreams relentlessly. However, you also need to have an action plan with the steps you need to take to achieve that big goal.

 So if you plan your goal as a project. Use data to support your course of action and take small steps to reach the final goal. Remember that you will have failures but if you plan well, you will have planned for failures too. Hence a small step back will not jeopardize your final goal. 

 Your action plan will help you to make better decisions and clearer choices. It will also keep you motivated when things get tough and they will at some point. But most importantly Is what happens when both passion and a plan combine! 

 If you get both passion and an action plan, you won’t get discouraged by anything that happens. You will overcome every single problem that comes your way. Because you will know that it’s part of the process. You will know exactly where you want to be, and how to get there. You will keep track of your progress, and see how you improve every day. And every action will take you closer to where you want to be.


 If you want to reach a goal you are passionate about, learn how to create a plan to achieve your goals, and take relentless action to get there.

Article by: Jitender Harjai Life and Fitness Coach H2f Care

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