Parameters of Being Healthy

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being healthy

Medical science uses various parameters and tests to ascertain our health. However, it is not possible to get all those expensive tests done. Also, visiting a doctor while you are well just to ascertain how healthy you are, is also not practiced. So at H2FCare, we decided to list a few parameters and habits which can help you gauge your physical health.

Indicators of Being Healthy

  • An efficient digestive system. No flatulence or bloated feeling and no indigestion observed.
  • Regular bowel movements. No incidence of constipation or loose motion even for short spans.
  • Passing urine. One must be able to pass urine without discomfort.
  • Oral health. Gums and teeth are healthy with no occasional bleeding or pain.
  • Energy level. Energy levels experienced are high enough to do day task without feeling too much tired.
  • Skin, hair and nails. No dryness and excessive dead skin. Nails not brittle and hair not falling. Age related baldness is not a sign of being unhealthy.
  • Eyes. Not red or yellow but shining. No unnecessary discharge.
  • Flexible body. No chronic muscle or joint pain. Flexibility and range of motion (watch video) enough to carry out daily tasks without any problem.
  • Healing. Any injury getting healed in normal time and does not get prolonged.
  • Weight. Within correct range of BMI (Calculate your BMI).
  • Body temperature. For most of the time of the day it is not lower by 1 degree or higher by 0.5 deg than normal body temperature. On an average maintains correct body temperature. Not experiencing low grade fever.
  • Cough and cold. Not experiencing frequent bouts of cough and cold.
  • Memory. Maintaining a good memory and facing no problem on concentration.
  • Stress and anxiety. In case of any stressful situation do not experience sweaty palms and high pulse for long periods.
  • Anger. Do not have burst of temper issues.
  • Mood. Do not experience mood swings.

Steps to Become Healthy

The above-given details are a good indication of a healthy body. If you feel that there are more than three points where you are finding yourself unfit, try to make a few changes in your lifestyle. Practice for about six months and we are sure that results will be positive.

  • Begin with eating healthy – chuck junk and introduce natural, home cooked products to your plate.
  • Drink fluids at least 1 to 2 litres,. (Calculate your water inkate requirements)
  • Avoid carbonated drinks or one’s laced with sugar and other chemical additives, instead have fresh juice or buttermilk etc
  • Reduce intake of sugar, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Start exercising – walks, running, sports, swimming and the gym are a good way to begin.
  • Sleep early and get 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Lose weight if required. (watch video)
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco consumption.
  • Practice meditation
  • Introduce a hobby to yourself
  • Practice a healthy sex life
  • Avoid unnecessary self-medication
  • Practice good posture
  • Show gratitude

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