Pain In The Neck While Running

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I am an endurance runner and have run a few marathons too.

Of late I have developed pain in my neck and I have been told that I am stressing my neck muscle because am looking too close while running. Where Should I look while running?

Answer by our Fitness Expert Capt Jitu Harjai

It is possible to develop neck and shoulder pain if you look too close and bend your neck while running. This puts a lot of stress on the muscles leading to tension and spasms.

You must look about 10 to 20 feet ahead depending on your running form. A simple rule should be that you should not bend from the neck. Do not stare close to your feet. Try to hold your head straight so that your ears are over the middle of your shoulders. When you run, you should not be able to see your arm’s swing except for some part in peripheral vision.

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