Nerve Flossing – how to relief yourself from nerve pain

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nerve flossing

We often feel pain that does not seem to be originating from muscles or bone. The feeling of tingling, numbness, restricted range of motion, pinching pain are a few examples of how we experience nerve pain. As we age we face these problems more often. Nerve pain is also related to various sports injuries. Nerve flossing is a wonderful way to reduce or even cure nerve pain. Surprisingly even chronic nerve pain has shown improvement after nerve flossing.

Where medicines do not help

There are various medicines made to relieve nerve pain. However, these medicines are more just to treat the symptom. Also, the medicines have several side effects which are difficult to live with. The medication disturbs our lives and also reduces our efficiency drastically. Although when pain is considerable, you probably are not left with any other choice but to take such medicines. But remember medicine will treat the symptom. You can do something else along with your medication that is simple and does not disrupt your allopathic or medicinal approach. Nerve flossing is the answer to many nerve problems.

Nerve flossing

Nerve flossing targets an irritated nerve such as sciatica, the pinched nerve on the neck, piriformis syndrome, and many more. It is a simple process that gently mobilizes your irritated or compressed nerve. This involves some extremely simple exercises which one should do as many times during a day as possible. 

What is Nerve flossing?

This is also known as neural or nerve gliding. The exercises need no equipment so people can do them easily at home. There are many nerve flossing exercises that can be done to calm an irritated nerve. Although exercise will vary depending on the condition you are in. 

How it works

Nerve flossing works by mobilizing the complete nerve track and adjoining tissues at certain specific points. When we do the exercise, it synchronizes the electric signal transmission in a sequential way. Thus the errors due to compression or any disturbance in the transmission of electric signals are rectified. Over a period of time the mobility increases which in due course rectifies any issues happening due to skeletal muscles. 

Nerve flossing is also used to build general strength and flexibility as it increases range of motion, reduces chances of nerve damage, and relieves pain that may have occurred due to exercise. 


Nerve flossing consists of simple exercises that you can do at home without any equipment. It gently mobilizes the nerves and helps reduce pain by rectifying electric signal errors. People having acute or chronic issues such as sciatica, piriformis syndrome, etc. benefit a lot from these simple exercises. 

If you are not sure to do it or not, you may consult your doctor. Also if at any point in time it results in increasing pain, you must immediately stop and consult the doctor. 

Stay tuned for nerve flossing exercises for various irritated nerves.

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