Natural Ways of Increasing Dopamine Levels

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Dopamine is a neurohormone produced in our body. It helps to transmit signals between the nerves and hence is also called the chemical messenger. It is produced from the amino acid tyrosine and phenylalanine

Dopamine is a ‘feel good’ chemical in our brain. It plays a vital role in how happy we feel. Along with the mood, it also affects our memory and focus.

Dopamine Level Variation

When the level of dopamine is optimum, we feel good, productive, and motivated. We plan well, learn quickly, are excited, focused, and attentive to everything in life. We like to interact and socialize. It makes us empathetic and stimulates our creativity. In short, it makes us feel pleasurable.

When the level of Dopamine is low, we feel depressed, unmotivated, and anxious. Our focus wanes. Our sleep suffers, our mood worsens, and we experience brain fog, low self-esteem, feeling of hopelessness, delusional behavior, suicidal thoughts, or psychosis.

Working of Dopamine

Dopamine works on a reward-based system. When you indulge in an activity say eating a particular kind of food, you feel pleasure because your body has released dopamine at that instance. The brain then associates this pleasure with that particular food, so you have a craving for it. The brain considers this as a reward and wants to repeat the same action of eating that food over and over again, even though it might not be the best choice for your health.

It is thus important to work on Dopamine in a healthy and productive way by training your brain. We need to train our brain so that rewards and release of dopamine are on the right things. It is possible to do that and get results.

Natural ways to Increase Dopamine Levels

It is important to have a balanced dopamine level for the proper functioning of our body. Nothing is better than natural methods to create a balance in the human body. Some of the ways are:

  1. A sleep routine of 7-9 hours is essential to maintain a healthy brain.
  2. A regular exercise routine of minimum 30 minutes a day is important as exercise helps the brain to release dopamine.
  3. Researches have proved that meditation helps to increase the dopamine levels.
  4. Having a pet and indulging in play with the pet helps to boost dopamine.
  5. Hobbies like gardening, reading, playing a sport, listening to music
  6. Eating a healthy diet which includes foods like apple, bananas, eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, eggs, fish, chicken, almonds. All of these food are rich in tyrosine.
  7. High Protein diet will provide amino acids needed for the production of dopamine.
  8. Avoid Caffeine as it boosts dopamine levels temporarily a drop of which leads to caffeine addiction.
  9. Natural probiotics as they regulate gut health and help in dopamine production.
  10. Cut down on sugars. Consuming sugars in the form of candy and soda drastically raises the dopamine levels temporarily followed by a sudden low of the dopamine.
  11. Relax and reduce stress in your work and personal life as stress reduces the levels of dopamine.

A Word from H2FCare

A lot of medicines are available to regulate and balance the levels of dopamine, however, the natural methods are the best. Natural methods do not have any side effects and the body absorbs only the required amount of whatever it needs. If you have tried all the natural ways to strike a balance and are still troubled then surely do consult a medical practitioner before taking any drugs or using anything that is being shared on social media.

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