Myths And Facts-Sustainable Weight Loss

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How to lose weight in a healthy way has always been misunderstood, especially around those who want to make money by selling fake and unhealthy products and plans.

Losing weight has been researched well in science and hence is governed by laws of science. To have sustainable weight loss, one has to adopt a scientific approach.

Below are stated some Myths and Facts

Myth 1

Skipping meals and drinking lots of water will help me lose weight faster.

Fact 1

Skipping meals will definitely reduce your calorie intake but will trigger Body Starvation Mode (BSM) hence will also reduce your Body Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

Drinking water is healthy but it will not help you lose weight. Remember water is easily absorbed by cells so it can help purify the system but the body will reject too much water in form of urine.

Myth 2

Popular diet plans sold by dieticians are best to lose weight as they help to lose weight quickly and also sustain weight loss.

Fact 2

Diet should always be what you can sustain in the long run. Short-term diet programs will make you lose weight in terms of lean body mass and carb losses. However, it doesn’t change the set point of the body. Hence make healthy but sustainable changes in your diet and find ways to burn more calories.

Myth 3

Weight loss pills and diet supplements will help me lose weight quickly.

Fact 3

The only way to lose weight is to be calorie deficient. No matter what anyone says, the body will follow the laws of science. If energy eaten is less than the energy consumed only then one losses weight. Weight loss pills and supplements are mostly unhealthy and may harm BMR and TDEE.

Myth 4

If I have to be calorie deficient then I will eat less, do intermittent fasting, and crash dieting.

Fact 4

To lose weight one has to be calorie deficient. However, doing extreme fasting or eating extremely less will stimulate starvation mode in the body hence slowing down metabolism. You will lose weight but muscle mass to bringing down TDEE. Such weight loss will not sustain. The moment you resume a normal diet you will gain weight again.

Myth 5

Cardio is the actual way to lose weight. As cardio helps burn more calories. It is important to do a lot of cardio.

Fact 5

It is true that cardio consumes more calories, but in order to achieve sustainable weight loss, one must lose fats and increase Lean Body Mass, which can be achieved by weight training. This helps to increase your BMR and has a huge impact on TDEE.

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