Myths And Facts On Strength Training

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Myth #1

Strength training and high protein will make me bulky.

Fact #1

Weight training will increase the consumption of calories both during workouts and at rest. Muscles boost your metabolism.

Myth #2

Women should do more cardio and less weight training.

Fact #2

Due to the hormone profile of women which is different than men, they take a lot of time and effort to put on lean body mass. Alone cardio will further reduce muscles which will slow down the metabolic rate. Hence weight training is a must for all genders and age groups.

Myth #3

Strength training will make me stiff.

Fact #3

Proper weight training involves the full range of motion which contributes to improving flexibility. It is important to do the training correctly and through the full range of motion.

Myth #4

Weight training involves expensive equipment or gym subscription.

Fact #4

The best strength training is ‘Bodyweight Training’. This training can be done with no or minimal equipment. Pilates and Calisthenics are good ways to start the training.

Myth #5

Weight training puts an unnecessary load on joints.

Fact #5

Strength training increases muscle strength to hold the joints better. In fact, weight training actually helps prevent injury or deterioration of joints due to aging or any medical condition.

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