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We all are in search of peace of mind and happiness. We all do everything to search for it outside and all around us. While the truth is ‘Happiness lies within‘! H2FCAre is busting some Myths about happiness and elucidating some Facts!

Myth #1

Achieving your goals will make you happy

Fact #1

Achieving goals will lead to short-term happiness which will fade in face of the next obstacle. Enjoying the process is true happiness.

Myth #2

Buying what you want will make you happy

Fact #2

Having more increases stress. Once you buy, your want to buy ends, and hence happiness fades away in time.

Myth #3

Happiness decreases with age

Fact #3

The opposite is true. The older you get, the happier you will become. It depends though on your perception.

Myth #4

Happiness comes from external sources

Fact #4

True happiness is within you. Most think happiness will come from outside. Happy people do not have the best things but they make the best of what they have.

Myth #5

A simple life won’t make you happy

Fact #5

Desires can never be met by completing them. Leading a simple and balanced life is the essence. One needs to have simplicity and acceptance as the most essential part of life.

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