Myths And Facts About Eyesight

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Myth #1

Eating carrots will improve eyesight

Fact #1

Carrots are high in vitamin A which is essential for good vision. However, vitamin A is also available in other food items such as milk, cheese, egg yolk, etc.

Myth #2

Sitting close to the TV or working on a computer or mobile will weaken the eyesight and one will have to wear corrective glasses.

Fact #2

Sitting close to the TV or working on a computer for long hours will definitely give you a headache but will have no effect on vision.

Myth #3

If glasses or contacts are once used, it will further weaken eyesight and will make you dependent on them.

Fact #3

Vision will not become weak or dependent if you wear corrective glasses on contacts. Changes in vision due to aging or other biological factors are completely independent of wearing corrective glasses or contacts.

Myth #4

Using a night lamp in a room while sleeping will contribute to nearsightedness.

Fact #4

Night lamp and vision have no relation whatsoever. Night lamps on the contrary help in adaptation and better eye coordination when you wake up.

Myth #5

Artificial sweeteners help reduce weight and blood pressure and hence contribute to healthy eyesight.

Fact #5

Artificial sweeteners like cyclamates make eyes more sensitive to light. There are other factors too such as antibiotics, oral contraceptives, hypertension medication, diuretics, and antidiabetic medication which also contribute to increased sensitivity to light.

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