Morning Yoga Stretches

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As we get up from the bed, we all have noticed the stiffness in our muscles and joints. What we need is a little stretching of the muscles so that our day goes by smoothly and we feel no soreness or stiffness anywhere in the whole body. You should read our blog on morning stretches to understand the complete advantages. Below we are listing some of the stretches we have been doing regularly, also there is a video attached for easier understanding.

Watch our video and join in regularly to reap maximum benefits.

We will start with the simple:

Neck Rotation 

  1. Helps to increase the mobility of the neck
  2. Decreases the tightness in the sides and back of the neck

Wrist Rotation

  1. Helps to restore the range of motion of the joints

 Shoulder Rotation 

  Helps to keep your shoulders healthy and improve posture


  1. Helpful for backbone and nervous system
  2. It increases activeness by reducing laziness
  3. Pranayama becomes easy by doing this asana
  4. It improves the functionality of the heart


  1. Strengthens the spine
  2. Tones the buttocks
  3. Stimulates abdominal organs
  4. Soothes sciatica


  1. Helps to reduce abdominal fat
  2. Helps to repair the spinal cord and replenishes it
  3. Strengthens neck muscles


  1. Stretches and strengthens the back muscles
  2. Improves digestion and cures constipation
  3. Reduces belly fat

 Cow Pose

  1. Improves blood circulation
  2. Powers up the brain
  3. Improves focus, coordination, and mental stability
  4. Relieves back pain

 Cat Pose

  1. Calms you down
  2. Improves blood circulation
  3. Improves brain focus and coordination

 Leg rotation

  1. Helps to strengthen the hip rotators
  2. Improves the stability and prevents injury of hips, knees, and ankles


  1. Provides a rejuvenated mind, body, and soul
  2. Improves digestion and cures constipation
  3. Helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system and respiratory system
  4. Helps to improve blood circulation

Waist rotation

  1. Helps to develop a strong core
  2. Lose Belly fat
  3. Gain a tighter stomach


  1. Increases flexibility of spines and hips
  2. Cleanses internal organs
  3. Strengthens and tones obliques and abs

Leg stretches

  1. Improves performance in physical activity
  2. Helps your joints to move through the full range of motion


  1. Stretches the spine
  2. Stimulates kidneys and liver
  3. Helps relieve symptoms of menopause
  4. Relieves anxiety, fatigue, menstrual discomfort


  1. Acts as a stress buster
  2. Enables detoxification and ensures kidney function perfectly
  3. Spine and shoulders are stretched ensuring flexibility of bones and muscles


  1. 1.Helps in proper body posture
  2. Shoulder muscles are strengthened
  3. Helps in curing diabetes, constipation, asthma, and insomnia

Bridge Pose

  1. Energizes back
  2. Opens the chest and stretches neck and spine
  3. Reduces anxiety and calms the mind


  1. Strengthens abdominal muscles
  2. Reduces belly fat
  3. Aids weight loss
  4. Promotes digestion and relieves constipation


  1. Helps to treat diabetes
  2. Strengthens pancreas, liver, and lungs
  3. Helps to improve digestion
  4. Tones arms and legs muscles, ensures proper blood flow
  5. Benefits asthma and heart patients

Lizard Pose

  1. Opens the hips, hamstrings, groins, and hip flexors
  2. Opens the neck muscles
  3. Calms the mind

Hope you enjoyed the stretching session and could follow the asanas. Also, watch our video on Surya Namaskar for greater benefits. A lot of variations can be added as you progress and become proficient in these.

If you have any doubts or queries feel free to comment below!

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