Mindful Meditation – a new journey

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mindful meditation

Our brain has two major attributes. Attention or concentration as we call is the ability of our brain to experience the present moment. Attitude is the other attribute that decides how we are going to dwell upon our past or how we will behave in the future. We can never switch off brain activity no matter how much we may try. There have been various researches and experiments but none succeeded in self-controlling activates of our brain. Mind-wandering involved our memories, planning our future, or judging outcomes. Mindful meditation allows us to not fight with our brain activity but to use it to achieve benefits. 

Benefits of Meditation

Physiological benefits

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improved cognitive functions
  • Help is depression
  • Remove addiction
  • Corrects eating disorders

Biological benefits

How to practice mindful meditation

Mindfulness is something that we can achieve in almost all activities. Mindful Yoga we have already talked about in our Sun Salutation blog and video. However, we actually can achieve mindfulness in our activities too. Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention to the present moment, being non-judgmental, and not being attached to events or circumstances. For example, if the phone rings, take a pause and breathe instead of rushing to answer it. 

Meditation is pausing and bringing yourself to the present moment. The mind will wander. Do not fight with it. But simply bring back to the point in the present. If it wanders into the past, detach from the future outcome. Let the thought end peacefully and bring it back to the present. Wandering to the future happens more often as the mind always wants to plan as an evolutionary trend. Allow it to realize that the future is not known and bring it back to the present. 

Methods of mindful meditation

There are various ways in which you can remind your brain about the present time. It can be breath, body scan, feel of sitting on a chair or floor, or anything which brings you back to the present and does not attach you to the past or future. You need to imagine that you are inside a while box that is dimensionless. There is nothing behind you and nothing in front. Just you sitting in the present moment. Some simple steps are:-

  • Find a suitable place where you can sit or lie down or even stand in peace. Although recommended is to sit in any posture on the floor or chair. 
  • Find a suitable time that you feel is right to meditate. You can start with allotting yourself for a few minutes only. However, as you gain proficiency, you may like to extend your meditation time.
  • Use breathe, body scan, or any other reminder which can bring you back to the present moment. If you chose to breathe, just notice how you are breathing out and then breathing in. Feel the air passing through your nose and throat.  
  • As you start meditation, the mind will wander. Let it! Do not allow judgments to arise. Simple realize that it has wandered and bring it back to the breath. Return to the present moment.
  • Do not be harsh in bringing it back. Be calm and slow. If a thought has started taking you away, peacefully intervene in the thought and end it by bringing it back to the breath and the present moment. 

Practice every day

It is important that you practice mindful meditation every day. You may try different ways to make your brain realize the present moment. Later you may choose which you are able to use most effectively. As you progress through a few days, you will be in better control of brain activities. The duration will then automatically increase. 

Various ways to guided meditation

H2FCare will introduce various videos on the website soon to guide you through various meditation techniques. Once you are proficient in your selected way, you can then graduate further to ‘Kundalini Meditation’. Kundalini meditation is meant to move energy through your body. We will cover it separately as it requires different attributes.

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