Micro stresses

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micro stress

I get up every morning making a note of the chores I have to finish that day. They might be going to the market to buy groceries, paying by credit card bill, calling the plumber so on and so forth. All of these may sound like insignificant errands to you but these are what are known as micro stressors. Things we are not even aware of but are weighing on our minds. These put our bodies and mind under constant stress. It is like a software constantly running in the background on your computer. It goes unnoticed but drains the computer off its battery. Similarly, the micro stressors drain us.

Effect Of Micro Stressors

We all are aware of the effect that a stressful state of mind causes. Some of us even look out to consult a psychologist or some community groups for help. We never approach anyone for these micro stresses. We consider them as a part and parcel of life or at times don’t even give them a thought.

Have you ever misplaced your keys? What have you done? Blamed yourself for being careless. What if your bag strap breaks while traveling?  What do you do then? Again, blame yourself for haven chosen an inferior quality bag. Hence, these micro stressors affect you by putting a dent in your mental health and you begin to consider yourselves worthless.

Overcoming Micro Stressors

  1. Acknowledge the presence of the micro stressor. I am sure you all would be facing some or other hassles in your daily routine. Sit down for a couple of minutes and try to analyze the effect of these hassles on your mental wellbeing. Did these micro stressors irritate you, worried you or did you panic in their presence? Answers to these questions will help you analyze.
  2. Once you are aware of the presence of the micro stresses introspect and short list which of these are happening on daily basis and disturbing you with an increasing intensity. Make a list of every small incident that disturbs you, let it be as small as putting your alarm on snooze or leaving the balcony light on at night.
  3. Now in the list mark those which are avoidable and those which are unavoidable with two different color pens. Figure out a solution forever for the avoidable ones. Meaning if you forget to carry your keys in the morning because you are leaving in a rush then start putting those keys in your bag at night itself. If they are in a bunch with the other keys which you require in the morning before leaving separate them from the bunch and place them in your bag at night. Such small endeavors will keep you away from some of the micro stresses.
  4. Now getting to the unavoidable micro stresses, firstly, make a note that they are not happening because of any fault of yours. Hence, stop blaming yourself for them. Secondly, see how you have responding to them and figure out a way that will keep you calm and relaxed in any and all unavoidable hassle situations. Some of the ways are listening to relaxing music, thinking of some joyous moments with family or friends or by any other means that soothes you.

Bottom Line

We know micro stresses exist and that they can affect our mental wellbeing. Let us start taking them seriously and not nurture them so they grow into weeds. Let us take noticeable steps to avoid them.

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