Meditation for weight loss

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meditation for weight loss

Surprised!! You always thought that weight loss requires burning more calories than eating. Becoming calorie deficient will subsequently result in weight loss and fat loss. You got that right. But Meditation! Without moving an inch, how will you burn calories and become calorie deficient? The answer is yes. Meditation can bring in various physiological and fundamental changes in the basic functioning of the body leading to the regulation of various enzymes, chemicals, and absorption. Meditation not only helps you lose weight but also helps those who lose weight but are not able to sustain weight loss.

Meditation helps you recognize your body

Meditation has many benefits including reducing stress, improving mental functioning, reducing blood pressure, etc. Sustained weight loss is an effect of meditation. Biologically our emotions are nothing but several chemical reactions happening inside us. These chemical reactions control several physiological functions right down to cellular metabolism and functioning. Meditation thus helps recognize the body and its functioning. Meditation is of several types and it does not matter which one you adopt. Different types of meditation are like different paths leading to the same aim, to recognize yourself.

Mindful Meditation for weight loss

Mindful meditation involves paying attention to where you are, what you are doing, and being in the present moment. It helps you acknowledge all the aspects without being judgmental. Besides many more benefits of mindful meditation, its direct connection with weight loss or maintaining healthy weight has been established in various studies. Let us see how it helps.

  • Prevents stress or emotional eating. During strong emotions, people tend to overeat using food as a coping mechanism. 
  • Mindful eating. It is a simple technique that enables us to repair our relationship with food and eating. Being present in the moment allows one to recognize food, its smell, and how our bodies feel. 
  • Intuitive eating. It is simply understanding our body and the physical cues it gives us from food. Here one rejects dieting or controlled eating. 
  • Remove shame and guilt. Reduced stress helps one accept own self in whatever condition a person is in. This leads to one eating when hungry rather than eating when stressed. 
  • Weight loss enzymes and chemicals. Meditation has been proved to control various chemicals being released by our body such as cortisol, C-reactive protein levels, etc. Thus helps in controlling the belly fat or visceral fat.
  • Craving control. Binge eating is tough to fight with. However mindful meditation can help control emotions leading to craving for certain unhealthy food and binge eating. 
  • Reduce anxiety. It helps regulate cellular metabolism leading to utmost utilization of nutrients from food.

How to practice mindful meditation for weight loss

Mindful meditation involves mindful eating. It helps us to identify the difference between physical and emotional hunger. We can practice by taking certain steps.

  • Detach from distractions when eating. Don’t read, watch TV or be on the phone when eating. Take your mind away from extra things which are not important at the time of eating.
  • Eat slowly and feel the food. It is important that we chew food slowly and let our senses feel the aroma, taste, and feel of what we are eating.
  • Understand your senses. Focus on smell, taste, and textures. Focus your mind on how it feels and what your body has to say about it.
  • Pay attention to body signals when you eat. Mindful eating will allow you to stop when it should be stopped, eat what your body needs and when your body needs.
  • Stop judging yourself. It takes time to adopt mindful eating. Even if you fail many times, it doesn’t matter. Keep trying.
  • Know your feeling. Eat when hungry and not for craving. 

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