May Edition

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May edition

It is a magazine that was started to awaken both the conscious and unconscious minds. We endeavor every month to elucidate facts that go unnoticed or of which people are not aware. To avail of full benefits do subscribe to our free newsletter and magazine.

Nowadays when all are striving for a healthy body, we are creating awareness on how to motivate ourselves and to stay motivated in the long run, in our article in May edition ‘How To Motivate Yourself For A Healthy Body’

Diet, exercise, or medicines alone can not keep you fit and healthy. A unified approach has been covered this month in ‘Path To Total Wellness’.

The Tween years are the most difficult for both the children as well as their parents. Our article ‘Managing Tween Behavior’ elucidates a few strategies to help parents manage their tweens.    

A healthy diet and diet plans are the topics of the town. In this May edition, we have busted some ‘Myths and Facts’ about the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

Our Fitness expert is also an ultra-marathon runner and trainer. He guides and solves the runner’s problems. We have administered one such problem ‘How To Avoid Injuries For Runners’, in this month’s edition. If you have any queries do email us at [email protected]

Under the guidance of our certified and qualified counselors, we have included an infotainment section that includes ‘Crossword’, ‘Sudoku’, and ‘Find The Hidden Object’ These games help to attain Intellectual Wellness. To play them online download our Interactive PDF Version of the magazine here.

If you want to gain the satisfaction of turning pages and reading a magazine download our Flipbook here.

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