Request for answering survey questions come to you from the Rotary Wing Society of India. Before introducing Rotary Wing Society, allow me to introduce Legend Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.


Legend Technologies based in Bangalore is an AS9100D certified company that provides end-to-end and cost-effective solutions for the design and fabrication of aerospace assembly jigs, aerostructures, and high precision slip rings.

Dr. Enti Rangareddy, CMD of Legend Technologies, and his team noticed that civil registered helicopters in India account for less than 1% of the world’s civil helicopter fleet of over 34,000. India has tremendous potential for the growth of helicopter-based logistics services for men and materials. Under the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative of the Government of India, the Ministry of Defence has drawn a ‘Positive Indigenization List’ of 108 items and helicopters with All Up Weight below 3.5 tons (Single Engine Land Variant) part of this list.

M/S Legend Technologies has undertaken an extensive study of technologies and expertise available in the country and has decided to design and develop a Two-Seater Indian Ultra-Light Helicopter (IULH). They have signed MoU with the Government of Karnataka for the design, development, and manufacture of Two-Seater Light helicopters for civil and military applications. The vision of the leadership of Legend Technologies is to develop IULH and offer it to Indian users at a competitive price with low operating and maintenance costs.

Some of the conceived technical specifications of IULH are as follows:

  • Number of Seats: Two
  • Maximum All-Up Weight: 850 Kgs
  • Useful Load (Pay Load + Fuel): 370 Kgs
  • Range: 300 Kms
  • Service Ceiling: 10000 ft

A Mumbai-based operator has already booked the first three helicopters to be produced by Legend Helicopters India Pvt Ltd.


The Rotary Wing Society of India is a NOT FOR PROFIT Society of Helicopter professionals that was registered in 1998 with a purpose to serve the helicopter industry and its growth. The Society has more than 1200 helicopter professionals as Life Members and has 187 Corporate Members that include helicopter commercial operators, private operators, business houses, and state governments.

RWSI is a nodal helicopter body as recognized by MoCA, GOI to assist in enhancing the interests of the helicopter industry in India.

The activities of the Society include:

  • Conduct of International Safety Seminars.
  • Conduct of International Helicopter Expos.
  • Publication of a quarterly Journal-Rotor India.
  • Conduct of DGCA approved training for Helicopter Pilots, Engineers and Safety personnel.
  • Dissemination of Safety related training and information to helicopter industry.

Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of Air Staff, Doyens of Indian Industry; Mr. Ratan Tata and Air Cmde (Honorary) Mr. Vijaypat Singhania are the Patrons of the Society.

This market survey is RWSI’s support to a pioneering enterprise in the Helicopter industry.


Legend Technologies India Pvt Ltd has approached RWSI to carry out a Market Survey to ascertain the use, application, and prospective demand of IULH in India.

RWSI is sending this small Survey Questionnaire to you and your response to this Survey will be immensely helpful to the Indian Helicopter Scene in general and Legend Technologies in particular, in forecasting the roles in which this helicopter may be used in India and the number of helicopters that may be required in India once IULH is certified for production. It is understood that any positive indication of the prospective demand for the product does not imply any commitment from your end.

There are 25 questions and responding to this survey will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes of your precious time. The first 100 Market Survey responses received by RWSI will be duly rewarded with an attractive gift.


Your responses and information provided by you will be secured and protected and will not be used for any purpose other than specified above.

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