Loneliness – Defeating, conquering and surviving

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Loneliness is something that many may not feel but the fact is that it affects more than 35% of the population. In the world which is growing fast and people are traveling the world over for work, leisure or for some other reason. The possibility of living alone, lack or ease of transportation, living far from loved ones or not able to make friends in a new culture are a few reasons. Isolation state thus is a big contributory factor to cause loneliness.
Loneliness caused by isolation or otherwise can have serious health implications. Research has proved that increased risk of coronary artery disease, depression, Hypertension, fluctuating blood pressure, skin diseases, reduced thinking and judgment ability are a few among the long list of issues loneliness or isolation can cause. In many cases, it has been proved to be an early cause of death.

There is a lot we can do to defeat loneliness. Let us list a few:-

  1. Meaningful connections with family and friends is the best way to conquer loneliness. These days we have many modes of communication available such as phone, web-chat, video-chat, walking with neighbors and friends.
  2. Gratitude is one of the greatest virtue which if one adopts, loneliness will never be around. One must aim to express gratitude and appreciation towards family, neighbors, friends or even acquaintances who might cross your path for a short time.
  3. List down things that can be changed. In case one feels isolated or lonely, one needs to focus on things that can be changed and are under control. Avoid attaching to things that one cannot change or control.
  4. Stay busy. Keep your mind occupied preferably on something you like. Find a new hobby, a new sport or any activity. Just find something new and stay busy.
  5. Smile, smile and smile. Stay happy and remove all negativity inside you. When you cross something – smile, when you meet someone – smile, with you talk to someone – smile. Try to find people who enjoy the activity you like. Remember just the act of smiling is good enough to make you feel better from the inside.
  6. Compassion is something that has to be part of every moment. Treating own self and others around us with compassion will naturally bring in pleasure and calmness. The treatment can develop deeper connections with people around us.
  7. A routine that fits everything is what one must plan. Make everything part of your day. A balance between physical activity, connecting with people, pursuing a hobby, relaxing, watching TV, smiling and everything else which keeps you busy, happy and contented.

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