Life’s lesson taught by video games

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Most of us despite spending time on the games believe that it may not be a constructive way to live life. So, are they that bad? Or they have a positive side as well? It is surprising to know that they have a very important lesson to teach us about our self. If you take the lessons and implement them, you will be able to design your life better, making it a productive and fulfilling life

It is to understand that video games are developed by professionals to keep us motivated the whole time. As human beings, we love solving problems. Once we solve a problem, it further motivates us to take on more difficult ones. Also, developers have started linking video games with levels, scores, or points. This further gives us a feeling of achievement as we progress. 

Progressive Stairway

So, how do you use that in real life?

First, you should understand the concept of Progression Stairway. The Progression Stairway is all about designing your goals so that you climb from smaller goals to bigger ones.

Let us take an example. Suppose you want to run a marathon. If you have never run that distance before, you won’t be able to complete a marathon on the first attempt. So you need to plan your progress and start small. Once you reach your small goal, you upgrade or progress yourself for a higher and difficult goal. That is how you climb the Progression Stairway. It is very similar to video games, isn’t it?

Each new level is harder than the level before that, just like in video games. You get a reward when you finish a level. Then you move on to another one. And you’re more motivated than before.

Design life like a developer

If you design your goals like this, you’ll become “addicted” to achievement. That is the goal of this approach. Also, you can add rewards to make the progression even more interesting. For example, if you’re training for a marathon, you can buy yourself new sneakers when you get to a certain level. You can flaunt your progress and achievement in social media where people appreciate and further motivate you which is a big reward for overall confidence in life. That’s how you make rewards both exciting and useful.

Break big goals into smaller steps

Remember the technique used in video games. Dedicate your time in planning your small steps which should lead to big goals. Life is full of such examples all around us. All you need to do is, pick up a pen and paper. Write down or draw a flowchart in which you decide your start and progress which finally leads to your ultimate goals.

You may have many goals like buying a car, running a marathon, or moving to a new city. All you need is to write ultimate goals at the bottom of a page and then start writing start points and small steps from top to bottom till you reach your goals. This way you will not only reach the destination but will also enjoy the journey.

Article By Jitender Harjai : Life and Fitness Coach H2F Care

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