Learn to Prioritize

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learn to prioritize

Have you ever met someone who takes more responsibilities than they should? You know those typical “jack of all trades, master of none” types of person. These people believe no one will do things as well as they do. So, they tend to take on more than they can handle. They still insist on taking other people’s responsibilities.

“Can you take care of this project?” “Can you take care of the children today?” Their answer is always the same. Yes! Of course! The word NO just doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. Even when their work-life is quite demanding already. Maybe they just do it because they want to make a good impression. Maybe they want to show their skills and talents.

 The real problem

The real problem is that once they realize all the things they said they would do, they pretty much collapse. They don’t know where to start. They can’t focus. One thought leads to another, and so they spend hours trying to solve just one problem. Their minds become complete chaos. And let’s not talk about that feeling of desperation that takes over them. 

Negative thoughts saying things like, “And now what do I do? How can I make all this happen?” In the end, all they have left is a bunch of unfinished tasks.

Prioritizing is the key to success

Now, what can they do to change all that? The answer is simple. All they need to do is learn to prioritize. They need to make a list of all the things they have pending. 

Then, they must evaluate which tasks need to be taken care of, and which ones should be delegated. After all, there are tasks that nobody else can do for us. Once we’ve made those decisions, it’s time to schedule them. Set a time and a date.

That way, you’ll know if you have the time to take on more responsibilities. If someone comes to you asking for a favor and you don’t have time, then it’s time to say NO.

Instead, you can leave it to someone else. When you do that, organizing your time becomes so much easier. You get that peace of mind you have always wanted to have. And when you do take on extra tasks, you’ll have the trust of knowing you have everything you need to get it done. You’ll live life on your terms. Because now you’ll be in control.


All you need to remember is that ‘Yes’ is not always the right answer. Also, you need to prioritize what you accept. That way you will be able to organize your time and keep a balance in your everyday life.

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