Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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World laughter day is an annual event being celebrated on 02 May. A proper celebration is organised in various parts of the world. On this day people gather and laugh together. This day came into inception in 2005 when thefirst time ever the day was celebrated in Los Angeles. Laughter clubs worldwide celebrate the day with great enthusiasm and zeal. There are various benefits of laughter. From social wellbeing scores to health benefits, there is a long list. Let us get to know a few:-
1. Laughter releases a happy chemical ‘Endorphins’. Endorphins are natural painkillers. It helps us feel good even if we are in any pain.
2. Boost T-cells production is another good reason to launch. T-cells are specialized cells of our immune system. They come alive when we laugh. Hence our immune system gets a helping hand in the fight against sickness.
3. Laugh and have an amazing cardiac health. To one’s surprise, it is an exceptional cardio workout. So if you are not able to hit the road or treadmill, do not worry. A heavy laugh burns similar amount of calories which one burns while having a slow to moderate walk.
4. Physiological effects include a sense of wellbeing and also boost confidence and self-image. It gives a positive feeling on aspects that otherwise look gloomy and sad.
5. Do not feel surprised if you work your abs while laughing. Yes, it is true. Laughter helps tone your abs. The results are very similar to that of your abs workout.
6. If you are having high Blood Pressure or are fighting hypertension due to stress or other environmental factors, there is great news on this day. Laughter also lowers Blood Pressure.
The benefits are endless and scientifically it has been proven that it extends the life expectancy. So once we are convinced that laughter is a medicine, we need to take it. What better way than this day today. Let us start a joke with our friends, see a comedy movie or learn to laugh by ourselves. We need to reason out why we are not smiling and laughing, find a way or if we are not able to find one, simply laugh.

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