Know Your Emotional Intelligence

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Happiness in Life depends on two major factors Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ).

All are aware of their IQ levels and these are put to test in each grade during our schooling and college lives. However, The EQ or the Emotional Intelligence is never put to test and hence we are not aware of our assessments.

Emotional Intelligence is our ability to use our emotions and understanding of people and situations in a positive way to communicate effectively, relieve stress, empathize and above all to overcome challenges and resolve conflicts. It helps us to build stronger relationships in all walks of life. It enhances our success rates in both our personal and professional goals. It enables us to connect with our feelings, turn our intentions into actions and make informed decisions in all circumstances.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ can be categorized into five attributes also called the 5S:

  1. Self awareness : this is the ability to recognize ones feelings, to understand own habitual emotional responses and to understand how emotions affect your behavior and performance. Being self-aware makes you aware of your abilities and current limitations.
  2. Self management : This is the ability to stay focused and to think clearly even when experiencing powerful emotions. Being able to manage your own emotional state is necessary to help you take responsibilities for your actions and can save you from making hasty decisions that you may later regret.
  3. Self motivation : This is the ability to use your deepest emotions and to help you guide and move you towards your goals. It helps you to take initiative and persevere in times of challenges and setbacks.
  4. Social awareness : This is the ability to sense , judge and respond to what other people are feeling. It enables you to empathize and bond with them.
  5. Social management : This is the ability to manage, influence  and inspire emotions in others. Being able to handle and manage emotions in relationships and to influence and inspire others, these are skills of successful teamwork and leadership.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

It is the EQ that helps us to manage the stress and emotions we face during the difficult times of our life. Besides our IQ it is the EQ that leads us to success and happiness in life.

EQ affects :

  1. Your performance in school, college, and work
  2. Your physical health
  3. Your mental health
  4. Your relationships
  5. Your social circle and life

Assessment Time

Our Emotional Intelligence will vary in different phases of life. We need to work on our skills to develop where we are lacking. But for that, we need to know where we are short. Answer a few simple questions to assess your current Emotional Intelligence and develop where you are weak to attain happiness and success.

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