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H2F Care family wishes all our readers A Very Very Healthy, Happy, and Fit New Year!

It is a magazine that was started to awaken both the conscious and unconscious minds. We endeavor every month to elucidate facts that go unnoticed or of which people are not aware.

At the beginning of every year, we make some resolutions and try to fulfill them. We succeed in some and leave some for the next year. This year we are helping you by listing a few resolutions that you should make to ‘Enhance Your Intellectual Wellness And Fitness’. We will keep putting an endeavor to help you fulfill these resolutions through our daily blogs and our monthly e-magazine editions. To avail full benefits do subscribe to our free newsletter and magazine.

Today’s Adolescents are tomorrow’s future! It is our responsibility to understand their problems and help them manage these issues. Our article ‘Adolescent Problems And Their Management ‘ has tried to cover all the aspects.

For the past couple of months, we have been e-publishing articles of ‘JitYog’ to elucidate the forgotten knowledge written in our scriptures. This month we have introduced Hatha Yoga. It is another way to learn yoga as it actually means. It has been illuminated so that one truly understands YOGA and its purpose.

Athletes’ bodies have high demands of supplements. One such supplement that is an absolute necessity of highly active individuals is creatine. Read our article on ‘Creatine Supplementation‘ to understand its role and requirement in your active life.

We have been deliberating on the importance of exercise and its role in managing several diseases. This month we conclude with the ‘Role Of Exercise On Health And Disease‘! Read our article in this month’s edition and start aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes workouts daily! If you missed earlier articles on the ‘Exercise and Disease’ series, you can reach out by downloading previous editions. You can even write to us!

In the hectic life of today, we all need to be fit. How fitness can be achieved? There are lots of myths that are being discussed in society. In this edition, we have busted some ‘Myths and Facts’ about how to be Fit.

Our Fitness expert is also an ultra-marathon runner and trainer. He guides and solves the runner’s problems. We have administered one such problem of ‘Does Age Affect Stride Length?, in this month’s edition. If you have any queries do email us at [email protected]

Under the guidance of our certified and qualified counselors, we have included an infotainment section that includes ‘Crossword’ and ‘Sudoku’. In this first edition of this year, we have included a new section of ‘Find The Hidden Object’ These games help to attain Intellectual Wellness. To play them online download our Interactive PDF version of the magazine here.

If you want to gain the satisfaction of turning pages and reading a magazine download our Flipbook here.

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