Intellectual wellness – how to develop it

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Intellectual Wellness

In today’s world, social intelligence is extremely essential. Intellectual wellness refers to one’s capability to interact with several elements of society. Scholastic, community activities or cultural activities, and productive participation in them defines one’s intellectual wellness. Intellectual wellness is something that one can acquire and improve. It is this trait that helps stimulate a successful life by expanding one’s skills to deal with a social situation. 

Benefits of intellectual wellness

If we can understand what is happening around us well, we will be able to accept things. This leads to a more contented and satisfying life. Reduction in stress and gaining mental and physical health are closely linked with this wellness. The best part is that all it takes to be intellectually well involves most of the things which one already likes. One must acquire a few habits to further enhance one’s capabilities.

How to increase intellectual wellness

There are various ways in which one can increase skills and knowledge to improve. Let us being out a few of them.

Read what you like

People are extremely busy these days with their mobile phones and television etc. Unfortunately, these acts reduce or stalls the progress of one’s intellectual growth. Reading is the most important thing one must practice to achieve this. There is no fixed time when you want to read. Read any time of the day but ensure reading something which interests. One must enjoy reading. Over a while, the habit and duration of reading will increase. Reading stretches one’s mind and enables a person to look above the horizon.

Discuss to understand

Some people have a fixed point of view. Hence there is no discussion on any topic with them. Instead of discussion one lands up in an argument wherein people want to prove their point at any cost. This will never lead to growth. How about if you choose a view opposite to your standing and then discuss it with your friend? Yes, this form of discussion allows you to look beyond your perceptions and beliefs. Exposing to different ideas opens up several gates and allows information and knowledge to flow in.

Learning never stops

As we all know and admit that in life learning never stops. However how many of us try and practice this every day. In fact, as per one of the mind studies conducted by renowned research department it was brought out that once regulation learning in school or college stops, only 23.7% of people try and continue learning. It is amazing to know how well the mind starts functioning if one continues learning new things. Learning is a gym training session for the brain. It strengthens all the brain functions such as judgment, reaction, analysis, and many more.

Hobby builds brains

Yes, you read it right. One must have a hobby in life at any age. It is this act that keeps our brains young and active. As we may notice, a hobby is which a person enjoys and tries to improve and also do new things. Hence hobby automatically inculcates the habit of learning. Choose a hobby that you can link to enjoyment, then one practices it without even noticing. A hobby can be anything from playing a game or enjoying singing, reading, traveling, playing a musical instrument, or anything which a person enjoys. There is an endless list of hobbies that one can enjoy and simultaneously improve on intellectual wellness.

Personal dairy

Writing one’s day or actions helps one analyze the part of life more critically. This helps understand own struggles and other people’s feelings well. It is almost like learning from one’s own experience. During the day, there can be many things that we do but do not remember. One loses the hidden lessons. However if we remind ourselves of those actions, it makes us understand own self well. Thus, one can build up intellectual wellness by thinking deeper inside.

Quiz, Sudoku, or Crossword

These activities may not attract everyone. However if one carefully chooses this, one can find interest. For example, if sports interest me and I pick up a quiz or a crossword related to sports, I am more likely to enjoy it. Solving these increases our brain’s activity thus increasing its capability and decreasing its response time. Intellectual wellness improves if one continues to practice these as part of daily life, even for a shorter duration than any other activity.

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