Importance Of Planning A Day

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planning a day

Today I want to share a strange paradox which most of us must have noticed but never deliberated upon. It happens with everyone. When we think about days that were not productive for us or we did not do anything constructive, we find that they have one thing in common. Those were the days that weren’t planned and we realize the importance of planning a day!

The days pass by getting dragged around by different people and their requests. We may have a few things to do but then we don’t seem to be controlling the day. We may feel no freedom to do what we want to do. Our time is at the mercy of circumstances and other people.

Why Plan a day

On the other hand, when we plan our day, we feel we are more organized leading to better productivity. We feel free on doing things we decided to do. Once we compare this day with the one left unplanned, the outcome surprises us!

Most of us feel that if we are planning a day and scheduling things, how we will be free? We at times think that schedules are boring and they bind us leading to restrictions rather than freedom. Our brain wants to live in the moment and finds planning uncomfortable. But it is surprising to know that real-life experience defines life differently. Let me give you my example.  

 Not planning is unproductive

In the past, I was not concentrating on planning a day. It was a waste of time for me. I used to believe that when a task comes, I will simply execute it so why waste time in planning. I would set some vague goals or maybe a few goals for each day with no planning. For example, I once decided to read all the questions from my subscribers. But I wouldn’t plan when I am going to do it. The task was there but planning was missing. 

As the day starts, I had a goal in hand but this was not something I would do first thing in the morning. This was simply because I believed that the day has just started and the complete day is available. So why rush! So I end up doing many things which people or circumstances drove me into. The day passed off fast and before I realized it, it was already evening. I had still not done the work. The next task that I did was completely wrong and unproductive. I read through the questions fast and tried to answer them all. The answers and responses were not as they should have been and a few of my subscribers didn’t like that. I lost a few subscribers. 

Do not let circumstances drive your day

Instead of doing what I wanted to do, I ended up doing what people and circumstances dictated. Now, this was surely not freedom. I would have been truly free if I would have done the task at hand in time and correctly. So if I would have planned my day in advance and then stuck to that plan, my state would have been freer

It is important that we plan our day and then stick to that plan no matter what. Even on those days when you want to relax and have no goals in hand, it is important to plan. By planning the day, you will be able to feel free and relaxed. Your action will be in the best of your interest. And that is the real freedom. 

Doing what you think is the best course of action on any given day but not let other people or circumstances decide will relieve you from unnecessary stresses too. It will boost your mental and physical health. You will feel more energetic and happy. A planned day successfully executed will bring in satisfaction and then a contented life. 

 Planning is the key to success

Once you realize that plans and schedules are the true paths to get freedom for yourself, you will simply love to do it. It will become a habit and an obsession. Once you get a hang of it, you will be able to plan short-term goals and link them well with long-term goals. Hence you will start planning your life beyond a day. This will lead to turning your missions into goals and goals into action plans. Planning will lead you to success.

 How to plan 

You don’t need anyone to tell you how to plan. All you need to do is simply pick up a pen and a paper and experiment with yourself. In a few days, you will get to know your priorities and functioning pattern. Be prepared to be surprised. You may discover a new self. Life and your behavior will change for good. You will feel happier and will be able to find time to do other things too which you always wanted to do but missed out on. 

 And when you get clear about your goals, then you can plan your days and weeks so you make sure that each day brings you closer to those goals.

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